Massa Bio

Reader Elmer sends this link to a Washington Post story (free registration required) that contains an interesting and detailed bio of Eric Massa. It sheds a bit of light on Massa's career as a (Republican) staff member on the House Armed Services Committee, and his party switch.


All of that came out at one time or another during the campaigns but this and other blogs glossed over it all and the media refused to look into it. Too bad.


This blog hasn't "glossed over" anything. Rumors about Massa's harassment are new info, and weren't know by anyone (except Bob Lonsberry and some Navy people) until now. We all knew that he had been a Republican and switched parties over it. This story just filled in a few details on how it happened, and they are no big deal.

You tell 'im, Rottenchester. And seriously, your website has been--and continues to be--among the most credible and comprehensive there is!

I'm with Up in Prattsburgh on this one. I visit your blog daily.

Three cheers. And oh-----speaking of "Down in Cuba": Is there any continued truth to the earlier rumor (?) that a spirited independent candidate might surface down your way for the 29th seat?

Nah, I don't think so. The goal is to work smarter, not harder. Perhaps a couple of years down the line. There is no way to overcome the "Reed Machine" at this point. Unless Reed has a serious mea culpa I think 2010 is a sealed deal for him and our guy is going to sit quiet.

Makes sense, I suppose. Yes, Mr. Reed may as well be measuring the draperies in his new office!

Yes......SADLY....... that is true.

I suppose the absolute only chance the Dems would have--and this turns entirely on notion of a special election where GOTV is everything--would be to come up with a surprise, credible Southern Tier candidate (the young mayor of Elmira...revive Sam Barend...or a charismatic prof. from, say, St. Bonnie's or Alfred U.) to impede (but only that) the otherwise strong turnout which will be assured throughout that area. That is why Shawn Hogan might have stood a remote chance of success----cutting into Reed's otherwise highly-over-the-top turnout in Steuben and hoping for it to be even-steven elsewhere. This is kind of off the wall but if they (Dems) wanted to put up someone who would be a credible candidate, and who proved--though 20 years ago--incredible crossover appeal in Steuben--they would turn to retired District Attorney Larry Bates, a former teacher. Larry is in his early 70s but still very vital and sharp. Another? The Bath Village Justice----Chauncey Watches. Well-regarded Democratic attorney. He could keep Reed on his toes. Remember, in a special election...turnout is king!