Massa to Resign Monday

A number of DC media outlets are reporting that Eric Massa will resign on Monday. As the Washington Post reports, Massa's resignation could trigger a special election, but the timing of the election is at Governor Paterson's discretion. If Paterson waits, the seat could be filled during the general election.

Update: Elmer points out the Leader story on Massa's resignation, in which Massa says he was guilty of using improper language and could not fight the allegations.



Whether guilty or not, and no matter the level of the offense, what a sad ending to a great story

And a completely unexpected one -- knowing Massa, it's the last thing he'd be expected to do.

I agree with ElmerJK.

I did not vote for him and thought he was a little too much about the show. But he was a fighter and a believer. I was impressed with him when he had numerous town halls and took and answered all questions. You may not have agreed with him but it was good to see a congressman stand up for what he believed. Dan Maffei hid under his desk during that the summer and had no public town hall meetingst.

I wish him well and pray for his health.

Me too. And I suspect many of my neighbors in our community and area. This is downright tragic.