Massa's Money

Eric Massa will keep most, if not all, of the money he raised and will be able to use it to fund donations to other candidates, according to this Hornell Evening Tribune story.

The story speculates about what Massa will do with the money. If I had to guess, he'll probably end up returning most of it, or donating it to charity. No politician will want a donation from Massa, it's just too tainted.


Who'd want money from a national joke? Saturday Night Live last night was hilarious until remembering that it's our home congressman. Opening skit was on Massa and then to hear Jerry Seinfeld make fun of him and rip apart the entire situation in detail was too funny. The Seinfeld part is on the nbc web site but the opening skit isn't yet.

I hope he gives all the money to Southern Tier non-profits and charities, such as the local food banks and the local private colleges who are still hurting from the economy. Some would still refuse it but some need all they can get.