Morning News

Here's Gannett's take on Massa's two appearances yesterday.

I forgot to mention one more new detail from the Beck interview: he had been living in a townhouse in DC with other male staffers, and moved out because his chief of staff told him it "wasn't Congressional".

In other news, Mustard Street has a Reed robo-call trying to set up a telephone town hall meeting. Both Randy Kuhl and Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks have used this technique in the past to communicate with constituents.

Yesterday's D&C reported that Brooks hasn't decided whether to enter the race. Reed still has the support of 5 of the 7 county Republican chairs in the district.


Where's the 5 of 7 coming from? What about Tom Cook of the Conservative party?

There are 8 counties in the district. Cattaraugus, Allegany, Steuben, Chemung, Schuyler, Yates, Ontario and Monroe.

Good point, thanks.