Morning News

As expected, the House Ethics Committee investigation is over.

The Corning Leader reports that the count of committee chairs in Tom Reed's corner is 7 out of 8. Only Monroe is holding out, presumably for Maggie Brook's decision, which will almost certainly be not to run. Reed also says he's raising money hand over fist.


And still no Democrat?

The lamb to the slaughter has not yet been identified, no.

Right-----this is gonna be such a walkaway for young Reed. SOmeone mentioned Samara Barend returning to make a run? What has she been doing? She really WAS a spirited and presentable candidate and actally made it a competitive race the first time Randy was running.

I think Sam Barend has been pushing for public private partnerships initiatives in NY State as a way to finance our ailing and deteriorating infrastructure. Ironically I think the medium for this is the State Asset Maximization Board aptly named the SAM Board. see. She did run a tough race in 2004, but I think she left the district to move to NYC and get more experience in infrastructure which seems to have been a passion since her days working on I86.