MPN Editorial

Reader Joe sends this Messenger-Post editorial about the lack of primaries in the 29th.

The special election is, well, special, but I have a general suggestion not mentioned in the editorial: move the primaries back. Congressional elections require a huge commitment of money and effort from the respective parties. There's not enough time between the primary (September 14 this year) and the general (November 2) for parties to mount that effort on behalf of the candidate chosen by voters. That's one of the reasons that party committees put huge pressure on the process to avoid primaries.

There are other reasons, so this isn't a cure-all, but it might help.


This is a truly non-partisan point, because both sides want to be able to win when it matters, and that means being able to wage a proper general election campaign. 7 weeks isn't enough time to gather resources after a primary in this day and age.

Yeah, I'm not sure if it needs to be as early as the Presidential primary, but at least in the Summer sometime.

The link to the MPN editorial doesn't work - malformed HTML code.

Fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

There will not be a special election. The dems would need a wealthy person to run because the DCCC isn't going to put any money in it. As an individual self financing would you put millions of dollars up fro a seat that lasts 5 months and probably will be eliminated anyways.