No Special (?!)

Sean Carroll is wondering if there will be no special election in the 29th.

Sean's basing that speculation on a change in tune by the Governor's office. Paterson's old position was that he'd call a special soon. It's all about the money and disenfranchising military voters now.

The bottom line is that the governor should have called the election a week ago, we'd have had it in early May, seated someone by the end of May, and that would be that. Every day that passes gets us closer to the huge August/September work campaign period.

To paraphrase the Boss: there's just no way that a Savior is going to rise from these streets to save the Democrats' bacon. They should just roll down the windows, let the wind blow back their hair, and get this thing over with.

Update: Here's Sean's follow-up, which includes Tom Reed's press release. Shorter Sean: all the excuses are bullshit and the Democrats have nobody. I agree.


And the Governor's dilly-dallying now is being turned into a well-publicized campaign issue by Tom Reed (see today's on-line "D & C"). I'd think the Dems, since they're going to lose anyway, WOULD back a special election with the thought of presenting someone credible enough to have a future on behalf of the party. But I guess the gubernatorial powers-that-be selfishly believe that no one representing us in better than a Republican. Smalltime thinking.

I smell Morelle.

Can we get the Dems to throw some energy and money behind a fiercely independent candidate who thinks both parties should go (it's hot down there, right?).

Oh, and Cuba is south of Miami, so maybe they should go there.

/adding to the debate

Damn I wish this 'mystery candidate' from Cuba would announce her/himself!

I do too. Except that he has been bombarded with carpetbaggery, when that is not the case, and furthermore, he has been told that his entrance to the race would be "political suicide". Mr. Miller was told that the people "DO NOT DESERVE A PRIMARY"!

Essentially, this young man has been blacklisted because, I believe that the powers that be truly fear his presence. Yet, it cannot be denied that he leans more conservative than liberal. Truthfully, if it were not for the "Hoffman" effect, then this man would be our candidate. Some may argue that he has the rhetorical presence of Obama and that he could make a run in 2016 as the youngest presidential candidate ever.

But we have to deal with money and such....blah.

Get the rallying cry going, and I believe he might just stand up.

His name is Joe Miller (simple, but sophisticated).

Call him out, request to the Republican leaders and Democrat leaders that they look at Joe Miller.

This guy has awesome ideas and may be able to single handily change the face of politics as we know it.

It's all about the people, and that is what I believe Joe Miller is about. Call your local leaders and begin demanding Joe Miller.

I checked, this site is reserved. Who else could it be for? He is our man! True grass roots, a man of the people.

We want Joe, We want Joe. It's simple. Joe does not have much money, but he has heart and an intimate understanding of the United States Constitution. Why Shouldn't Joe be our rep? I can't think of one?

We want Joe, we want Joe!!!!!!!!!!!

Please say it with me.

We want Joe!

I smell some subtle astroturfing. :)

Yup, not gonna happen.

I'm voting for Pedro.