One Question for Sanford Dickert

I asked Sanford Dickert this question: "Did you know that Eric Massa had a habit of sexually harassing men at or around the time you filed your lawsuit?" Here's his answer:

I can honestly say that the Eric Massa I knew when I worked on his campaign was an incredibly hard-working campaigner who was looking to make a difference for the people of the 29th. No - I never had any inkling of this kind of behavior back then, so I had nothing to "out" him with.


I thought Sanford made a deal with Massa not to say anything bad about each another ... wouldn't this still apply? You could always ask Peter Clarke if he reached out to Sanford with the information about Massa's navy escapades if you really wanted to know for sure.

No, they basically just said that the other person was swell:

I'm not sure why this stuff is still newsworthy - it's like staring at a car crash, I suppose. But reading the Dickert answer, he didn't say anything negative. In fact, it's a shining endorsement. So if there is a deal, then Dickert didn't break it with that comment.

Is there a post where I can read this deal?

Can we please move on? Although, of course, I find myself checking this blog and various of its links several more times a day, myself! This entire ten-day public drama is tragic, really. At this stage of the game, in addition to wishing the entire Massa family well as they struggle with this chaos, I just wish the Democrats could offer up a classy, even non-traditional standard-bearer if only for appearances' sake, sigh.

Sanford contacted me and wanted to talk. I asked him that question. I wouldn't have written anything else if he hadn't contacted me, but since he made himself available, I asked him the one obvious question about the whole mess.

Hey Up in Prattsburgh , Didn't you notice this blog is a single issue blog on the 29th district? With no one in office and no special election scheduled there really isn't a lot more to talk about. What could they talk about, Health Care? Now there is an issue that has been beaten to death and should die without a vote. Oh wait Louise slaughter wants to pass it without a vote.

I could talk about how almost every talking point deployed on your blog is based on a blatant falsehood, but that would be even more boring that more Dickert posts.

The court papers really don't say much except to say that Massa and Dickert were both a little nuts, and both tried to screw each other (not physically, at least not according to the court papers). Now they're both trying to redeem their names. Dickert has been trying for sometime, and for Massa, it's only just begun.

I'm afraid I have little sympathy for either effort.

I couldn't agree more!