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Up in Prattsburg pointed out this OpenSecrets story about Massa's contributors. For some reason, they're a bit upset with him.

Another commenter pointed out that a skit about Massa opened Saturday Night Live last night. Here's the video.


My Lord------is there any other signal that you have entered the American consciousness, even fleetingly, than being paradoied on "Saturday Night Live"??!! Am I the only one who feels as if he's been living a surreal dream these past upending couple of weeks? So sad.

That SNL sketch seemed kinda... in the weeds. Lotta work for not a lot of funny. But then that's pretty much how the show is.

I agree.

I agree that the skit was typical SNL (i.e., notsofunny), but the Seinfeld "Really?!?" Segment later on was hilarious, albeit in a sad way.

It is sad, but I can't help but be mad. He has embarrassed and disappointed all of us who worked to get him elected and supported him.

Yes he has, and the fallout will be felt for a long time.

As I've said, this entire drama has been downright Shakespearan---or however it's spelled. The man did the amazing, getting elected as he did. And for it all to be thrown away, with so many, like the previous commentator, feeling they "were had."