Readers Send Stories

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader editorial page [pdf]. Here's a gem from the lead editorial:

To repeat: first there was the cancer scare, then an Ethics Committee investigation and finally his railroading by the Democratic leadership because he opposed the health care bill.

If there are more reasons, we’re really not interested, especially if they are of the tickling, wrestling, groping and using dirty language

Reader Don sends this Hill piece, quoting Patrick Kennedy. Kennedy notes that the Massa story has completely obscured a debate on a resolution to withdraw from Afghanistan. That resolution wasn't going anywhere, but Massa would have supported it.


There's an ironic juxtaposition in today's USA Today print version, page A8, with a pretty good editorial comment by Bob Franken on Massa right next to a random letter to the editor about civil rights by former Amo Houghton and Randy Kuhl Chief of Staff Bob Wicklin (although he isn't identified as a former congressional staffer it is from "Bob Van Wicklin, Houghton, NY" in Allegany County). Gannett or just a strange coincidence.