Special Election Coming "As Soon As Possible"

Jimmy Vielkind of the Albany Times-Union tweets that David Paterson will call a special election in the 29th "as soon as possible". Paterson said that nobody's asked him not to do it.


Dear Governor Paterson:

We write this open letter to you as concerned Americans who care deeply about New York’s 29th Congressional District and the survival of our great democracy. As of 5:00 PM Monday, March 8, 2010 over 650,000 New Yorkers have no representation in Washington D.C. Given our current tumultuous political climate, a Special Election for New York’s 29th is essential. A democracy cannot function without the voice of all its' people.

The power to declare such an election resides exclusively with you, Governor Paterson. Your fiduciary duty to the citizens of New York demands that you do not hesitate. Avoiding such a declaration could subject over a half-million New Yorkers to taxation without representation. If any new tax is levied during the interim, then your personal inaction will have effectively quelled the voices of hard-working New Yorkers.

Governor, for the sake of our state, our families and the good people in New York’s 29th Congressional District, we respectfully request that you proclaim a special election without delay. Please do not allow 650,000 residents of this great state to suffer as a result of petty partisan politics. Ensure that our voice is heard in Washington.

Joe Miller, Cuba, New York
Terry Cary, Cuba, New York

Is one of these posters the reported "suspense candidate" expected to rise out of Cuba in----Allegheny County?

I doubt anyone will jump in against the parties that be. Tom Reed seems to be keeping his steam and fending off any detractors quite well. Even Glenn Beck's 9-12 Group is going to vet him, if the Tea Partiers jump on board, then Reed can probably win by double digits in this atmosphere.


Yeah. Funny how things turn out. Poignant, really.