Steuben Glass

In the comments on the previous post, Elmer pointed out this story about the formal stemware contract the State Department gave to a foreign bidder.

This is an example of the kind of thing that the local Congressman would be all over, if we had one.


You might be right about not having a congressman, but I would like to think that the Secretary of State would not allow this - especially with no bidding on the contract.

I agree, she let that one by.

I got an inside look into what happened, and when it comes out I think people will understand better.

I've never been impressed by Hillary the Carpetbagger.

I didn't like her as Senator, I didn't want her to be President, but she's doing pretty well as SoS. The thing about that job is that it was a smart appointment by Obama. It is inherently not a divisive position, the SoS speaks for America in foreign policy, and Hillary is pretty disciplined and on-message, which are key attributes.

Though I can't remember the last bad SoS. It's an important job and both parties have nominated good people. Condi, Colin Powell, Madeline Albright were all pretty good.

Strange, Corning pumped thousands of dollars into Hillary's campaigns (more than Massa and Kuhl combined) as did the female president of Steuben, so you think she'd look out for them in her post... But she obviously isn't looking back...

2012 prediction, you heard it hear first: Clinton against Palin. Obama will proclaim that he does not need two terms to complete his goals, thus allowing him to go down in history as the only President who accomplished everything necessary in a mere four years. Hillary will go for round two and Palin will be the RepuliTeaCanservative (did I just create a new meme?) candidate. The logo is an elephonkey with a tea-bag charm hanging from a chain made of the bones of unemployed Americans around its neck.

America will have its first female commander-in-chief.

U-S-A....U-S-A..., etc.

Interesting prediction DIC. What would bwe interesting is if Obama did step down and saved his second term for later. If there is a takeover by Republican/Conservatives in the fall and Obama does not move to the center like clinton did he may be unelectable in 2012. Then again he could pull a Harry Truman and run against congress in 2012.

I think there is no love lost between Clinton and Obama. Take a look at this post over at Monroe Rising Obama has done many thing he criticized his opponents fro in 2008. Fist Hillary the McCain with things like taxing Health Care benefits. I was not a fan of the HC legislation, it is goin got be interesting to see if Obama can keep the same kind of process with things like Energy, Campaign Finance etc. There si no doubt that Obama has brought change. Many people did not realize what they were in for with a "Change" agenda. All politicians promise it few deliver real change, and if they do it's usually popular change. Healthcare was brutal divisive change.

Immigration reform is going to be another toughy. Obama used up most of his politcal capital for health care. I think if the Dems want to save some seats they need to intentionally get involved in unpopular legislatiion and purposely vote against the Prez. It would have to big though, I do not know what issue could do it before November.

I too am not in favor of HC legislation. I have a real propblem with the Federal Government madating it citizens to purchase a service. I think the constituion permits states to do it like they did with Romney-care in Mass, but not on the federal level.

I think financial reform is next up. That's pretty popular.

Financial Reform will probably have bi partisan support. They should have never repealed glass-stegal. There are many other issues that both parties agree on.

What an elephonkey might look like:

That thing has two asses. Perhaps that's appropriate.

Yes, it is.

How can anyone possibly forget President James K. Polk who laid out four goals in his 1844 campaign and accomplished them all in one term..... annexation of Texas, acquisition of California, settlement of the Oregon border, and lowering of the tariff. (Sorry...... former history teacher.)


Polk was a very interesting President. He did have many accomplishments. He had many health issues came in to office as a vigorus Junior Andrew Jackson. The office wore him and his health down. He died very shortley after leaving office. Don't remember if it was his decision or the party did not back him.

Isn't it possible that Hillary doesn't micro-manage the State Department and had NO IDEA there even was a stemware contract? Seems to me that she is (and should be) focusing on the broad strokes.


(kidding - of course it's true.)