Suggestions and Rumors

Tom Reed thinks that Massa should use his campaign money to pay for the special election. There are huge restrictions on use of that money, and politicians tend to hoard it. For example, John J. LaFalce, who represented the 29th before it was redistricted and retired in 2003, has more than $400 grand in his campaign account, collecting interest.

Lucy at Mustard Street, who seems to have some good connections, reports that David Koon was in the St. Patrick's Day parade in Hornell on Saturday. She also says Sandra Frankel is out.

It looks like Koon might be the sacrificial lamb put forward by Democrats.


Sacrifical lamb is right. On the other hand, this fellow could gain credibility and name i.d. even further in Monroe County, assuming the DNCC will place at least some symbolic Monroe County-based media dollars into the race. How could/would this exactly work? If there is a Special Election, Koon could run and benefit from all that name i.d. but then, dependent on timing of any special, still be able to file to run for re-election to his (what is he? Assemblyman?) Assembly seat in November? He'd have lost little, except for the special but who cares, lol. Man, on mornings like this I could box the ears--or far worse--of Massa for being such an idiotic screwup. So much promise and energy...and now, this.

I wouldn't put it past Massa to be arrogant enough to think that he could run again at some point, and keep the money.

Well, a person never knows. I'm not sure it would be entirelyh "arrogance" were Massa to imagine that, after considerable time of healing--whatever course that might take--he would run as an Independent sometime. Just to keep shaking things up. Who knows. I suspect that, if the Dems end up with jurisdiction over redrawing district lines post-Census, then freshman Congressman Reed might get moved into the same district as the fellow (he's a Democrat, isn't he?) from Binghamton/Broome COunty-way?

I would imagine it more likely that the rapidly aging (80 plus years old) Louise Slaughter would retire and Albany would split her district up into parts of Maffei's, Lee's and the 29th.

You've got to be kidding about Massa runnin as an independent...

Stranger things have happened. I'm referring to Massa running as an independent some years from now....