I watched about half of Massa's Glenn Beck performance. What I saw was a lower-volume version of the Hornell call. Massa made his points in a rational way, but his story just doesn't hold together.

He wants us to believe that he knew nothing about the ethics investigation when he held his hastily-arranged press conference Wednesday afternoon.

He wants us to believe that he worked the phones for four years raising money and is now scandalized that some contributors want a quid pro quo.

And he wants us to believe that his staff members, who presumably want to have a career in politics, turned him in over a tickling contest and an off-color remark at a wedding reception.

None of this makes sense. I understand Beck apologized at the end of the show because the hour was wasted. I think he's right.


I agree Rotten it was a wasted hour. Wasted because Glenn Beck never just let Massa rip. Beck can't stop talking, the man CAN NOT SHUT UP!!! Every time Eric would start to wind up Beck would stop him and start talking again. I was hoping for fireworks but all I got was further proof that Glenn Beck is an idiot.

When he invited him I think Beck expected Massa to have a TeaBagger conversion on the show and announce that he was joining "We Surround Rochester". I guess Before the show Beck did his research and realized Massa is a true Progressive. Beck prefaced the show by saying it might be a wasted hour, I think he already knew he wasn't going to let Massa rip.