Was Massa Forced Out?

Commenter Up in Prattsburgh, and conservative blogger Lucy at Mustard Street ask the same question: was Massa outed by his party as payback for his independence?

Today's Joe Dunning column reports that Massa was called on the carpet by President Obama at least three times, which also might lead you to think that there might be some truth to this speculation.

I think the chances of the leadership doing it are pretty low. Every observer of this district believes that this race is now the Republicans to lose. And if we know one thing about Republican behavior in the House, they invariably vote against anything the Democrats want to pass.

So, having Massa in Congress was no treat for Speaker Pelosi and President Obama, but it was far better for them than having Randy Kuhl in the seat. Politicians don't get to be President or Speaker without an exquisite sense of which side of their bread is buttered. Massa was on the butter side for both of them.


I do not think Massa was "outed" by his own party. Clearly your analysis is more correct in that it is better for the Prez. and Speaker to have a semi-rouge (independent) Democrat in the seat than a Republican. I believe Massa would have won in November, even in light of the supposed scandal. Americans are much more tolerant to these things now days. Although the scandal may have involved unbecoming behavior, it did not show a clear violation of the public trust. Would have been much worse for Massa if this district learned he was siphoning of millions for his own pleasure.

I have no doubt that Massa did something far worse than a little cussing to prompt him to resign.

Hey Rottenchester,

Here is a link to Eric's radio show this morning. http://drop.io/massa3710

The word on the streets is Massa did something very, very bad and could result in criminal charges down the road.

"The word on the streets is Massa did something very, very bad and could result in criminal charges down the road" - crawl back into your hole unless you can source better than "on the street"

We'll see what happens. When you voted for massa I remember you joking said that your hand didn't fall off after pulling the lever. Well, after the truth comes out I think you will want to wash your hands clean of this truly despicable individual. Like I said we'll see but don't tell me to crawl back into my hole -- you're the one who voted for Massa so I'd say that you're the one with your head stuck in a hole so to speak.

I am not disappointed that I voted for Massa - but I will stick to my main point - don't accuse someone of criminal charges unless you can name credible sources -

They also say "on the street" that Obama and Sarah Palin had sex last week - so with no sources you can say anything

Good for you, Elmer. I agree!!!!

If that were the case, EM is the *only* Dem taken to the woodshed by the leadership for his opposition to HCR. (And there are quite a few who deserve it more.) Let's be charitable and say that he just wasn't up to the responsibilities that went along with the biggest job of his life. Happens to a lot of people.

Massa is now claiming he was ousted by his own party, oh and the comment he made:
"...I grabbed the staff member sitting next to me and I said, 'What I really ought to be doing is frakking you,' and then tossled the guy's hair and left, went to my room, because I knew the party was getting to a point where I shouldn't be there."

And I thought Massa was against "frakking"--this is pure gold people.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0310/34051.html#ixzz0hb5Aq0mD

I posted about it 12 hours before Politico. Do you even read this blog?

I apologize for being a Johnny-come-lately. It was really Massa's comment about "frakking" that had me almost in tears. I do read your blog. I thoroughly enjoy it.