What One Republican is Thinking

A Republican reader sent an email from the Yates County Republican Party chair, which includes this observation:

As of today, I have heard from an advocate for Maggie Brooks; and received
personal calls from Randy Kuhl, and the declared candidate for the fall election
Tom Reed. It seems that a shorter election process and a open seat has attracted
candidates who previously flatly refused to run. These late entries seem highly
opportunistic to me, and somewhat disloyal to the candidate who they have
previously endorsed, but there could be some legitimate reasons to consider


It seems really sleazy to me.

I like Lonsberry's rationale of "any Republican who was big in pushing Ren Square is not someone I want in congress" regarding Brooks. She's fine for Monroe County, but I don't think her attitude would play well in the southern tier. Kuhl doesn't have a legacy to run on and he has even less of an excuse for waiting.

This is exactly the sort of thing that made me join the Conservative party when I turned 18 rather than the GOP.

And those reasons are?

This is a perfect election for Randy Kuhl. He hates campaigning. He hates doing the stuff that candidates need to do to run competitive races. He got for lack of better word, lazy, with all his slam dunk wins for State Senate and Assembly (except for the 1st one, but that was 30 years ago). If he has to campaign, he wants to do as little as possible. But, remember the County chairs were very loyal to him and did not waver in 2004 when he ran. He had the endorsement of 7 of 8 of the County Chairs. Those same chairs (and their successors), probably remember that and will remain loyal to their candidate that they have endorsed. If they do not remain loyal, then their endorsement in the future will mean nothing.

But at the end of the day, Kuhl wants to vacation in Florida and not have to campaign and raise money. If other people can do all the heavy lifting for him, he will gladly "play congressman" in DC.

Let's be honest.

Randy Kuhl hates working. Remember how in 2008, upon the final determination he lost to Massa, he closed his Congressional office before the official end of his term and referred all callers to Senator Schumer's office?

For decades he has been a leech upon the the people he has allegedly represented, first in Albany and then in Washington.

Well, the Monroe County Chair turn-coated on Reed practically before Massa was done resigning. It also sounds like Yates County is preparing to do the same thing--but through some rhetorical justification on the merits of throwing Reed under the bus. First, as a wise turn-coater would do, he confronted the most obvious and logical argument he will face when he turn-coats. Second, he followed it with a "but".

Th...th...th...that's all folks.

Many Southern Tier Republicans will not be happy to see Reed tossed overboard (excuse the Naval expression).

After hearing yesterday's call, I'm not sure which expressions are really Navy expressions, if you know what I mean.

"he will gladly "play congressman" in DC"

Yep that's our Randy. Playing Congressman is what he's good at, that and playing golf with lobbyists.