CQ Speculation

Rochesterturning picks up this CQ item which speculates that David Nachbar might run for the 29th seat in the Fall, assuming Governor Paterson doesn't call a special election. Nachbar fuels this speculation by telling CQ that he would consider running in the general.

With State Assemblyman Joe Errigo's retirement now official, I continue to agree with Philbrick at Mustard Street that Nachbar will end up running for Errigo's seat, as I predicted earlier this month.

Zeller certainly hasn't hit the ground running, probably because he has no money, so Nachbar may think he can sneak back in. I certainly don't blame him for not wanting an Assembly seat. But I think Joe Morelle has spoken, and he wants Nachbar to take a run at Errigo's seat, which he has a better chance of winning.