It's Zeller

It took all of a couple of hours for Sean Carroll to figure out that Matthew Zeller is the Democratic candidate.


I think this is a master stroke! Why not a fresh face? And with his credentials? I gotta admit, his Facebook photo--in full Afghanistan War battlegear complete with gun--gives me unease but that precisely is how our young servicepeople, risking all, have to face their days over there.

Should be a respectable runner-up.

I hope he doesn't waste too much of his own money.

I hope the dems screened to make sure he didn't grope or snorkel any of his fellow men in uniform.

Now that the democrats have a candidate a special election needs to be held. I urge everyone to call there NYS assemby and Senate offices and tell them the 29th district needs representation. There will be numerous very importnat votes coming up. They already did not have representation in a vote that was of monumental proportions.

A 28-year old who grew up in Victor but hasn't lived in the district for a decade? I guess it's better to have a ballot line than not, but this does not show any serious capacity on the part of the Democratic leaders in the district.

Is there any truth to the rumors that Governor Patterson might not call a special election?

It's sounding like he won't, but there's no official word.

If I had to bet, I'd bet that we're waiting until Fall.

Whats Paterson got to Lose? He can only gain. Don't be surprised if he turns up with a job in the Obama administration.

He can't call for one on the same week that the Dems announce they have their act together and have a candidate. That would make it worse for him. He has to wait for 40 days before he would want to hold the election anyway. Would make sense to hold the special in September when the primary is already taking place, to alleviate the concerns about cost but still allow for representation in the Fall when most of the big legislation gets done (appropriations...). Then he's have to run again in November. It would also give the new congressman more seniority next year, he'd get first pick of all the offices available!

That sounds like a reasonable proposal!

I think that people are due a Representative in the House. I'm also fairly confident that constitutionally, Patterson has to call an election if a vacancy should arise. If he doesn't call one at all I think one could argue he is breaking federal law.

And for your enjoyment, the crappy President Obama action of the day: Obama would prefer For-Profit organizations like companies and such, not be allowed to hire unpaid interns. I don't know how I am still surprised by this man.

Wow, Obama's action of the day is a double-edged sword. I garnered some great professional experience by taking unpaid internship positions at for-profit companies. They did not always need the extra warm body so this will probably just cause the work-force to be flooded with more inexperienced workers. In some cases I suspect companies still suffer losses even when they are not paying the interns due to training costs and the learning curve that some positions require.

What does this have to do with the 29th district?

Theoretically it could really hamper college students from getting internships in the area if companies are forced to pay interns, but otherwise not a whole lot.

You're half right about the law. He has to call a special election 40 days after certifying that a congressional seat is vacant. But there is no constitutional requirement that says how long he has to declare a seat is vacant. Of course this is an old law from way back when it might take months for news to travel from Washington back to somewhere in the US, but nothing's changed and it gives the flexibility to the Governor to do whatever he wants for his own purposes. What those purposes could possibly be at this point are a total freakin' mystery to me - not sure what the dude would consider beneficial to his career or position at this point.