Koon Out

Assemblyman David Koon has just announced that he's withdrawing from consideration for the Democratic nomination.


Do think that they are intentionally prolonging the process so that funds only have to be spent on the general election?

Yes, and to let the Massa stink air out for a while longer. But it's not going to work.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

Wow. And this was the fellow who claimed he immediately could call in pledges of $200K? What's up?

That's a big chunk of change.

A big chunk which may, or may not, in reality have been available. Rottenchester, thanks for having alerted us to this new development. Sounds more and more if we won't have a rep. in Congress until January. I resent that and think it will backfire on Paterson and his party.

The other Rochester-area candidate, Nachbar, has always presented himself as a self-funder, so that's probably why Koon isn't in the race.

DCCC isn't going to pay for this sure loser, so the best chance Dems have to make a showing is Nachbar using his own money.

And, if Nachbar does self-fund, it will probably attract more donors, since he will have enough cash in the bank to convince prospective donors that he'll at least run a credible campaign.

If Nachbar is big on job creation and a self-made business man, then he may provide sufficient competition for Reed. I read a short 2007 interview with him when he was considering running against Massa.


As I continue to watch this drama play out, I could "strangle" Massa--even more than before-- for being such a screwup. So much talent and energy and then....

I am with you on this. I'm to the point where I just want the best result for our people. We have a lot of farmers around here, may we need to start sending some farm boys and girls to Washington. I'm sick and tired of all crap politicians are spewing. Massa was growing on me, although I disagreed with some of his positions I was a fan of his tenacious attitude.

Massa's legacy will be a Republican 29th until the district is dissolved.

Until 2012?

Man, isn't THAT the truth?????!!

Koon never had a chance in the 29th. There are more gun clubs than movie theaters and Koon has an anti-gun fetish -- he basically wants to hit the 'delete' button on the Second Amendment, which strikes some people who live in the 29th as just dumb. He has also served 12 years in Albany and no one even knows who he is there. Finally, the political classes in Monroe County think he wants to get out of the Assembly so he can open the seat for his son, who is the mayor of east rochester but largely regarded as a huge mistake by the people who live there. Koon the Younger wants to retreat to an Assembly seat before the voters turn him out next election.

The longer the Democrats stall on an election the longer the public will resent not having a representative in Washington. Morelle and his fellow Democratic Party chairs should be careful about playing politics with basic concepts like "no taxation without representation".