The Massa Hole Gets Deeper

The Washington Post is reporting that the FBI and Justice Department are probing the payments made by Massa's campaign last month. These include a $40,000 check to chief of staff Joe Racalto, and a $39,000 car lease payment.

The House Ethics committee has launched an official probe into what other House members and staff did about the allegations against Massa. The committee can't investigate Massa directly because he is no longer a member.


There's not much more to say. "Eric, we hardly knew ye."

There's more to this than just Massa's personal and political "crash and burn". There are many people over here (Yates County) who had never before made a contribution to a political campaign..... who had never put a political sign on their lawn ..... who had never volunteered to work on a campaign. They/we wanted so badly to get rid of Randy Kuhl and Eric was so impressive as a candidate. Many of these people are saying that it will be very difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE, to get that level of enthusiasm up for another candidate. THAT is the tragedy in all this Massa mess..... many people new to the political process have been severely disillusioned.

Very true.