Reed Fundraising Numbers

Tom Reed's first-quarter filing is in. He raised $151K this quarter, bringing his cash-on-hand to $287K. Reed also loaned his campaign $100K this quarter, and spent $86K.

These numbers are nothing to write home about. For comparison purposes, Eric Massa raised $277K in the first quarter of 2008.


The funny thing is how it went from a tough battle by a political newcomer lacking in connections, to a near mortal lock. Reed could end up with one of the smallest campaigns of any Republican to flip a seat this year.

Right. Life is filled with ironies, 'eh?

I'd bet that the total spent here will be the least in any flip, but a good bit. Unless Zeller is a real firebrand.

Massa raised $277K with all the Anti-Bush, anti-Kulh, General election hype. I think a general and a mid-term are a little different.

I appreciate the bravery Zeller showed. Lord knows we need more people like him, but when it comes to real experience I think he is a little light.

There's a bit of a paradox in fundraising -- a sure thing can raise more if he wants it. Take a look at Dan Maffei's numbers in '08 versus '06 - he was a sure thing in '08 and killed.

Reed is close to a sure thing. In '08, Massa wasn't. That's why I expected more from Reed.

You could also argue that being a sure thing means people don't feel the need to donate money for a race. Interesting developments in the 29 for sure.