Reed Has a Primary Challenger

Angelo Campini tells WHAM that he has filed the Federal paperwork necessary to be a Republican challenger in the Fall Congressional primary. Campini owns BG&G pizza and lives in West Henrietta.

Campini already has a campaign website. According to that site, he was originally trained as an aerospace engineer, is married and has two children. His position statements on that site are mainly devoted to deficit reduction and energy policy.

(via Rochesterturning)


He can't effectively run to the right of Reed, and complaining that Reed is too political because he's been running too long and is the mayor of Corning is petty. It's one thing if it were Maggie Brooks, who doesn't have much in the way of 'small government' cred and who's a GOP insider. Mayor of Corning is not exactly a millstone, and if anything, complaining about that will only serve to upset people in Corning.

The time to gripe about Reed and mount an insurgent campaign was BEFORE Reed was cemented as the choice, not now. Campini can't possibly win and will only serve as a distraction.

Let's see if he makes it onto the ballot. You may have a different take on his issue pages, but I don't see any daylight between him and Reed. So it's a personality contest.

At most he can talk about things that came out last year regarding Reed taking and asking for gov't money, but as far as "what I would do in congress" there's no real distinction. Reed was OK'ed by the dogmatic (which I think is a good thing) Conservative party of Ontario County; he's the most straightforward conservative that the district has seen in my lifetime. I've looked at GOP candidates across in swing district the country and Reed is to the right of the vast majority.

The new guy won't go anywhere unless he blows hundreds of thousands of his own dollars on negative ads, and what would be the point of that? Let alone the issue of even getting on the primary ballot.

But I will say this: at least there's significant "issues" content online. Plenty of Republicans have an online presence that's little more than "give me money!". I can't even comprehend a political campaign not grasping the importance of web content in 2010.

It's hard to tell from Reed's site whether or not he's as adamant about repealing Social security.

Where did this fellow come from? Three cheers for democracy!

This will be an interesting test for the soul of the Republican Party. An activist entrenched in a tea party platform versus Reed the Politician backed by the GOP county chairs and touted by the party leaders and consultants of the NRCC as a "Young Gun".