No Special

The Reed campaign just issued a press release decrying Governor Paterson's decision to call a special election on November 2, which is the general election day, so I assume that means that we won't have a special election in the 29th.


In a sad commentary on where everyone's head is at, there is a hundred times more interest in Corning about combining high school sports teams than there is in a special election.

What does this mean for the primary then? Suppose Reed is beat in the Primary. Does this mean he appears on the Nov 2 ballot for the special but not on the ballot for the general? Something smells funny, including Reeds supposed decrying of Patterson's decision.

Elmer - high school sports trumps all else in small towns, at least in my experience.

Something smells funny - I think Reed really doesn't like the decision. A quick election is best for him, since the Zeller campaign is just starting up.