Advice and Consent

Reader Vincent sent a Zeller fundraising letter that leverages this tweet from Tom Reed:

Of course, if you're upset that residents of NY-29 won't have a vote in the Kagan confirmation, you need to take that up with the founders, who gave that power to the Senate. Unless the $30 you give to the Reed campaign is going to finance some kind of resurrection, or a Constitutional convention, I don't think you're going to get much bang for your buck.


Unbelievable..... not YOU..... Tom Reed..... that's Political Science 101

Oh man...

too funny- I know high school students who know how this works.

Back off guys - I am sure that's not the biggest lie ever told in a fund raising letter.

That is very funny. Maybe one needs to choose their words more carefully before they tweet for donations.

Reed is Zeller's best hope for a win.

I would like to say that Reed is a lock (and that is how I do feel) - only problem is I used to say that Massa was a lock - so I guess you never know

I used to think Tom was a lock, too, b ut the more I pick up in coffeeshop conversations--all very "low-voiced"; we're in small towns, after all--is real resentement, justified or not, against the Reed firm's allegedy rough/annoying tactics as a "bill collection firm," primarily. This may not be the walk we thought....

Of course Tom Reed knows that congress does not vote for supreme court nominees.

What it's about is reminding people (even non politicfally astute ones) that the 29th is a district that has no representation in congress. That the powers that be who are all democrats would rather see people in their state have no representation than republican represenatation.

The shamefull thing here is not Tom Reed feeding inacurate info but the democrats denying you your rights. Tom Reed did not get $30 from me or anyone around here. I have a perosnal policy of not giving millionaire politicians my hard earned money. I also believe that the democrats need to be punished for what they did to the 29th district. If Tom Reed wants a seat that will most likey be gone in 2012 he will have to spend his own money. I hope he does.

Even a knucklehead marketing newbie would place the donation @ $29.

Get it...29th.