About a half hour ago (1:41 local time), I felt an earthquake here in Rochester. Apparently, it as a magnitude 5.5 quake centered a little north of Ottawa, Ontario. If you felt it, too, you can follow that link and report it.

(I know, nothing to do with the 29th District, but still interesting.)


Cornwall Ontario, Canada (Close to US/Canadian Border) Felt it here, was quite strong, not sure how long it lasted? Under a 60 seconds! From what I have learned the epicenter was in the province of Quebec. Was felt for quite a distance through out the US and Canada!!!


I thought you were in South Africa watching the World Cup matches

I was going to use the frequent flyer miles from my Gulf Coast vacation, but that didn't quite work out.

Lordy, when I opened this and saw the headline "Earthquake," I momentarily thought that Eric had declared he's back in the race or Tom had withdrawn or, well, who knows what.....Glad the blog is alive and kicking. Unlike the current campaign, indeed.