Sean Carroll has some more information on the Reed effort to challenge Janice Volk's petitions. According to the Volk campaign, Janice collected just a few hundred more signatures than are needed to get on the ballot.

Commenter Down in Cuba points to this Hornell Evening Tribune story that prints Reed's claim that Volk may have as few as 50 more signatures than required to make the ballot.

In either case, it's pretty likely that the Reed campaign challenges will be successful and Volk will be knocked off the ballot.

In other news, Sean also reports claims of slurs against Volk in some right-wing blogs. I'll be the first to admit that I don't read many of those, but I haven't seen any slurs. Please drop me an email or report it in the comments if you have.


It'll be such a disappointment if Volk fails to qualify. That Tom Reed. I swear...

Don't blame Reed - blame Massa

I tend to agree. I think Massa would have won.

Over the past few months this campaign has been asked to answer a multitude of both questions and criticisms. Jan is committed to a transparent campaign that enables the voters to choose for themselves, unlike her opponent, she believes in straight forward to-the-point responses. Here are Jan’s answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1. Why haven’t you filed with the FEC?
The answer is simple; I am running a fiscally conservative campaign. The FEC requires a candidate to file upon expending or raising $5,000.00 in funds. I am not digging into my constituents wallets just so I can show up and vote in Washington for them. My goal is to win this race as cost effectively as possible. I hope that we do it for one quarter of a congressperson’s salary.
My opponent, on the other hand, has raised over $700,000.00 for a job that pays $174,000.00 per year. I am about the people and for the people. How can someone represent their neighbor when the mortgage can be paid five times over by campaign contributions? My opponent is not concerned about your day to day life. It appears that he is concerned with taking your money and his personal rise to power.

2. Did your campaign challenge Tom Reed’s petitions?
No, we did not challenge Tom Reed’s signatures for two reasons: first, this campaign believes in democracy; second, such a challenge would have been futile because we know that Jan is the best candidate. Jan is the people’s candidate and she will not allow technicalities to be the deciding factor in the election of our next congressman. When you vote for Jan you vote for yourself! A vote for Tom Reed is a vote for the establishment and a continued disregard for our rights as citizens.

3. Do you think Reed’s campaign will succeed in removing Jan from the ballot?
No, Reed’s campaign will not succeed. If Jan is removed on technicalities, then the G.O.P. is ensuring a Democratic victory this November. The G.O.P. is ignoring the fact that they must ensure that Jan is both the General Election and the Special Election Candidate. Jan is doing something that no American has done before. She is running a Constitutional campaign. This requires putting the people first.

4. So, what next?
All of this is to say that Jan is ensuring a victory for the people by minimizing expenses while enduring fruitless challenges against her petitions. If Tom Reed’s campaign believed in democracy then they would have welcomed Jan to the race with open arms.

Remember, all politics is local. Let’s start here at home and show Washington that we are going to send an everyday American to their stomping ground. Let’s show the FEDS that Jan is our choice. When you vote on September 14, be sure to pull the lever for Janice Volk!

upinprattsburgh - "that Tom Reed, I swear..." What did he do this time?