Volk Makes the Ballot

The Volk Campaign has sent out a press release announcing that they've collected "more than enough" signatures than the number needed for Janice Volk to appear on the Republican primary ballot. The release also says that the Reed campaign is "chomping at the bit" to challenge Volk's signatures.


Thank goodness SOMEONE knows how to conduct a serious-minded campaign around here! I'm astonished that Mr. Campini, who has a pretty good website in my opinion, couldn't (or wouldn't?) even gather sufficient signatures to put his candidacy where his mouth was (or whatever). Ms. Volk is a go-getter! Now-----can we have a few one-on-one debates between her and Mr. Reed, so we truly can get a sense of which of the two is a stronger likely representative??

That is a very strange press release- she must be close to the sigantures needed would be my guess or why would she even mention Reed chomping at the bit? If they are not legal, they should be thrown out - that's fair and it goes for all. I give Reed credit for getting into the game early when me and the rest of the district didn't think he stood a chance against Massa. You can't blame the guy for getting party support early, I see that he is everywhere and working hard to get in. He slowly has won me over- seems like a decent guy.

The strange thing is that "chomping at the bit" comment. I do not think her petition should be challenged even if it just one above the requirement. Let the voters decide. But how would the Volk campaign know anything about the thought inside the Reed campaign? The Volk campaign needs to be about more than just that she is not Tom Reed.

I disagree with not challenging signatures. I think it really forces the candidates to maintain the integrity of the process. If a candidate can not get enough legitimate signatures, what is left to prevent forgeries or other means to simply create fictitious names from the comfort of their own homes? The rules are there for a reason, if she can't get enough legitimate signatures, I feel the voters have already spoken. It also speaks loudly to me of her commitment level. I agree that she has to do more than the -I am not Tom Reed- speech. I am disappointed in her performance thus far - She lost me when she said good people don't grow up to be debt collecting lawyers that chase down medical bills. The first thing I thought of was how she spent her whole career as a hospital administrator. Those are the people who hire the debt collectors that do the work so that she could get paid a salary. Low blow for a very serious problem. Shows no class.

I'm wondering if volk wins the Repub nod, then does that mean reed coul still pull it off with his conservarive and independence lines?

Sure he could still pull it off. As for integrity of the petitioning process, I agree that challenges sometimes are appropriate.

Don't know if the D & C has picked up this piece but the on-line version of "Elmira Star-Gazette" is carrying this "echo" of Eric's time. What a disappointment he is. Tragic:

"WASHINGTON -- Former congressman Eric Massa's campaign committee paid his wife, Beverly, $34,214 between April and the end of June, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

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Beverly Massa was not paid for her services as campaign treasurer in 2009 or during the first three months of this year.
Her husband resigned in early March amid an investigation into allegations he had sexually harassed male aides.
The campaign refunded donors $111,960 in the first quarter while Beverly Massa was not being paid. No refunds were paid during the period covered by the new report.
Reed has large cash advantage in 29th District
The campaign had $260,479 in cash June 30.
Although no longer a public official, Massa continued to charge his campaign committee for his airfare, hotel stays, restaurant tabs, taxi fares and even a Tivo account.
Milo Silberstein, Massa's attorney, did not return a phone call seeking comment.
His Manhattan law firm, Dealy and Silberstein, was paid $25,261 in legal fees from April through June.
Other expenses included stays at a Hilton Hotel and a Marriott in Manhattan, a Homewood Suites in Rochester and a Hampton Inn in Gettysburg, Pa. Restaurant bills included $350 at Morton's, a high-end steakhouse in Washington, and $77 for two visits to Tortilla Coast, a popular hangout for Capitol Hill staffers in Washington.
Although Massa's campaign committee did not receive any donations in the second quarter, it did receive $22,025 from Massa's purchase of his campaign vehicle.
The National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative watchdog group, filed a complaint in April because Massa's campaign committee paid $31,896 to GMAC for a leased vehicle two days before Massa announced he would not seek re-election.
Massa purchased the vehicle on April 27, nine days after the Federal Election Commission received the complaint, according to Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center.
Although Massa is no longer a candidate and the campaign no longer owns the vehicle, it did pay $683 in vehicle maintenance at Fox Auto in Painted Post on May 18.
Boehm said his group still wants the FEC to investigate a $40,000 consulting payment Massa's campaign made to the former congressman's chief of staff, Joe Racalto, shortly after Massa's resignation."