Volk Q&A

A couple of people have sent the following from the Volk campaign:

Over the past few months this campaign has been asked to answer a multitude of both questions and criticisms. Jan is committed to a transparent campaign that enables the voters to choose for themselves, unlike her opponent, she believes in straight forward to-the-point responses. Here are Jan’s answers to the most frequently asked questions:
Why haven’t you filed with the FEC?
The answer is simple; I am running a fiscally conservative campaign. The FEC requires a candidate to file upon expending or raising $5,000.00 in funds. I am not digging into my constituents’ wallets just so I can show up and vote in Washington for them. My goal is to win this race as cost effectively as possible. I hope that we do it for one quarter of a congressman’s salary.
My opponent, on the other hand, has raised over $700,000.00 for a job that pays $174,000.00 per year. I am about the people and for the people. How can someone represent their neighbor when the mortgage can be paid five times over by campaign contributions? My opponent is not concerned about your day to day life. It appears that he is concerned with taking your money and his personal rise to power.
Did your campaign challenge Tom Reed’s petitions?
NO, we did not challenge Tom Reed’s signatures for two reasons: first, this campaign believes in democracy; second, such a challenge would have been futile because we know that Jan is the best candidate. Jan is the people’s candidate and she will not allow technicalities to be the deciding factor in the election of our next congressman. When you vote for Jan you vote for yourself! A vote for Tom Reed is a vote for the establishment and a continued disregard for our rights as citizens.
Do you think Reed’s campaign will succeed in removing Jan from the ballot?
NO, Reed’s campaign will not succeed. If Jan is removed on technicalities, then the G.O.P. is ensuring a Democratic victory this November. The G.O.P. is ignoring the fact that they must ensure that Jan is both the General Election and the Special Election Candidate. Jan is doing something that no American has done before. She is running a Constitutional campaign. This requires putting the people first.
So what next?
All of this is to say that Jan is ensuring a victory for the people by minimizing expenses while enduring fruitless challenges against her petitions. It Tom Reed’s campaign believed in democracy then they would have welcomed Jan to the race with open arms.
Remember, all politics is local. Let’s start here at home and show Washington that we are going to send an everyday American to their stomping ground. Let’s show them that Jan is our choice. When you vote on September 14, be sure to pull the lever for Janice Volk.

My only comment to this is that the term "Constitutional" as used in this email is meaningless. When any candidate runs for office they're doing what the Constitution says they can do. No one candidate gets to wrap him or her self in the Constitution and thereby claim some special privilege.

Also, we're still waiting for evidence to back up the charges of racism and sexism directed at Volk made by her campaign manager. It's telling that we've heard nothing to back up that accusation.


I keep reading "Jan is doing something special," and confusing it with "George is getting upset!!"

Who writes these press releases that can't manage to stay in either the first or third person? Maybe they should split the difference and go with the second person?

A press release typically contains selections from the person (candidate) and it is interjected with beliefs of the person/campaign.

Yes, but don't people typically use quotation marks to indicate... quotations?

My only comment to this is that the term "Constitutional" as used in this email is meaningless.

Actually, most of this "press release" is meaningless

First Massa, now Volk's (and or Jan and or the second and or third person mentioned in her / jan /my /shes') press release. If the stakes weren't so high, it would be comical to watch a debate between Reed and Volk. For the first time in my life, I fear for the future of this country and all of us. Zeller hasn't said much but I fear is a little naive when it comes to what it takes to running a business. I don't think I can vote for someone who has always had a job with the government. Reed's backround as a collections attorney bothered me but then I thought he at least is doing necessary - dirty- work that keeps businesses going. I guess there is no perfect choice but i don't want to watch a bunch of theatrics this time around. If you are serious about running Jan, come forward and make the commitment. If not, you are making a mockery of the process. I hope we don't see you become an employee of Reed or Zeller, your name will be forever tarnished if that is what you are doing this for.

Janice is very serious about running. She obtained more than the required 1,250 petition signatures. However, Mr. Reed’s friend challenged Janice’s petitions. As a result of this challenge, the campaign is now using resources to fight to get on the ballot. Once Janice gets on the ballot, Janice will go full steam ahead! Janice is doing media interviews in Elmira this evening and then meeting with the Finger Lakes TEA Party later tonight. In addition to this, Janice has numerous media requests from TV Interviews, radio shows and newspaper articles. Janice Volk wants NY-29 constituents to actually have a choice for a candidate. Tom Reed was chosen by the Republican machine. Janice does not want to be chosen by a select few county chairs. Ms. Volk wants to be chosen by the people of NY-29.

@anonymous [#3]: Why is Zeller's business experience–or lack thereof–an issue? This is about politics (and ultimately government), not business.

I am glad to hear Jan is doing an interview tonight but I don't understand what resources she would be using to get in front of some free press. She needs to respond to the "numerous media requests from TV interviews, radio shows and newspaper articles" that you mentioned or they simply don't count for anything. Is she in it for free publicity or is she working with Reed and or Zeller for a job down the road? This just isn't adding up. I'm running but I'm not talking???...... She could post a new video on the website or at least write her own opinions on the site for free yet there has been nothing new.

Zeller- lack of business experience response. I strongly argue that, this time, it is all about business. If you're a member of Congress and involved in appropriations and policy, shouldn't you have a deep understanding about how your spending and policies have gotten us into this mess? Zeller has been a soldier- God bless him for his service. However, business is what pays for everything---- that is the connection to government and why it is important to know what it takes to keep America competitive with the rest of the world. Zeller had a comment in the D&C that he thought we need to replace light bulbs and make our buildings more efficient to get us out of this recession- great, I am glad he is listening to Obama and is a good democrat. My business utility bills run approx 3% of sales. I pay over 27% of my sales to pay for various taxes. Dropping my utility bill by a third or even half will not make me competitive with China, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia -- all places that my customers buy from which I have to compete against. Cut my taxes in half, then watch me be competitive. Simply, GO AFTER THE TAXES AND SPENDING if you want to help me keep paying for the government. I can't fire bad workers unless I have documents for my lawyers to protect me, etc... Government is simply too big and too involved in our daily lives in America. I heard on the radio last week that for the first time there are more government employees than private employees in western NY. How can that sustain itself? What have we done to what everyone has fought for? Zeller said that he wanted to move back into the area but starting a business would be too hard --- really - there are thousands of us that have and now you want to jump over us that were smart enough to figure it out and lead us. Sorry - I see it as just another government job.

I just want to note that all of Ms. Volk's big talk needs to be contrasted with the fact that while Tom Reed had the guts to get into the race when Eric Massa was still a sitting US Congressman and a reasonably dangerous opponent for any Republican candidate, Ms. Volk waited until Massa was safely out of the picture. If she is truly the best candidate, the people's choice, she should have been willing to take on Massa. Tom Reed was "the establishment's choice," because he stepped into the ring at the beginning. I believe that most Republicans and conservatives will see through the Volk smokescreen and choose Reed.