Actual News About Real Candidates

The Corning Leader has a story about Reed and Zeller's views of Iraq. Reed says the surge in Iraq was "successful", which is true if you look at Iraq with blinders on.


Sad to say but Iraq isn't going to be a main issue this cycle. The whole middle east situation is so sad. Obama has gotten peace talks started - as has every other President in my lifetime. The more things change, the more they stay the same. But I think it is time to stop wasting our country's limited resources over there. Many of us feel a need to protect Israel - and perhaps a nuclear umbrella would do the trick.

A nuclear umbrella is fine except for those over there who are working to bring on Armageddon.

That title is hilarious!

I think Israel already has enough nukes to defend itself without our help.

Zeller is just as bad as Reed on Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yawwwwwwnnn.....I miss Massa at times like this, when the campaign trail is so ridiculously quiet. That man "made a statement," like it or not.

Incidentally, the story about the alleged racism against Volk is the lead piece under a full-wide BANNER HEADLINE in yesterdayday's Hornell "Spectator," Sunday edition of the "Tribune." Really prominent play!

Not sure why they would play that story that big - seems like a rehash of the other story

True. But I gotta hand it to the Hornell "Tribune" people. Typically, in my opinion, "The Leader" is far more on top of local politics, etc. But--I suspect because Jan Volk is from neighboring Allegheny County--they have really followed the ups-and-downs of her candidacy and the rest of this race.

Looks like Zeller is jumping on the band wagon calling Reed a debt collector:

Oh, and Zeller linked to this little doozie (the picture makes it quite funny):

Ha ha---the "debt collecting" phone video is a riot.

Zeller is hemorrhaging Cash! - The new finance filings for the candidates:

Zeller :


Your point? Perhaps the fact that he's only been fundraising for 4 months is a factor...and that million-plus dollar influx Reed received to "renovate" his property in Bath....hmmm, wonder where that money actually went......

The grant would go to the village of bath just like the state grant program calls for. Not to Reed.

Zeller is spending money faster than he is bringing it in and faster than Reed. Yet I see no Zeller TV commercials. Not exactly a well run campaign no matter how long it's been going on.

That is wrong. Mr. Reed asked for the $1.18 million dollar Retore NY Grant. This is taxpayer money that Mr. Reed spent to benefit himself. I would hope that Rottenchester would try and call Mr. Reed out on this. If not, then this blog is overlooking a serious injustice to the people ot NY-29.

Get off your high horse and use the search function, I was all over that story when it broke months ago: