Ballot Updates

The Corning Leader reports that Tom Reed is back on the Independence Party line. Reed had been off while some petition signatures were challenged.

Sean Carroll has a 29th roundup that notes that today is Janice Volk's last day to file signatures for an independent line on the ballot. And he also reports that the Zeller campaign has been issuing almost no press releases.


I do not think that Jan's campaign had the resources to give a good showing. I suspect that most of her campaign is posturing with a total disregard of how things are done. Tom Reed clearly followed the party line and deserves the nomination for his strict compliance with their internal rules and regulations.

Tom Reed's challenge of Janice's petitions is nothing more than hedging your bets. Tom hedged his bets and he won. There is no primary for the Republican Party's congressional seat in this district. Tom's bet paid off.

I think all of us, as unfortunate as it is, should get used to saying "Congressman Reed."

This (Rotten you may file under analysis) is just another showing of complete disregard for the peoples' voice.

Yeah. If Volk's folks didn't come up with the names, indeed say hello to Congressman Reed---the luckiest man in the Southern Tier. And I'm not thrilled about it either, lol.

I don't understand the negativity Upinprattsburgh. Reed isn't even in office and you are bashing him. Reed created his own "luck". I am not thrilled with your opinions either - lol

Oh, come on, Eric Massa gave Reed his lucky break.

If Jan truly cared about the people who supported her, she would of let us know if she submitted enough signatures. The lack of information from her campaign shows me her commitment level to her people. Duped again by a politician; thanks jan.

Don 't get me wrong, "Anonymous": I DO respect the attention to detail and understanding of elections law which Mr. Reed demonstrates. In that respect he did indeed " create his own luck."

From WLEA: Not enough signatures. Volk is out. Still clinging, like Campini, to the write-in.