Volk Is Out

The Hornell Tribune is reporting that 203 of Janice Volk's petition signatures are invalid, so she won't be on the primary ballot in September.


This is such a shame. Downright discouraging. The law is the law, however. She really had/has such promise! Can't ANYONE inject some excitement/enthusiasm/hope into this Congressional race?


Do not get discouraged yet. Janice has a few media interviews tomorrow. You will what the campaign's plan and also a special backing. Do not count out Jan Volk just yet!

The thing this campaign now need is an influx of volunteers! Email: JoeB@JaniceForCongress.com

If it's a write-in campaign which is being contemplated...give me a break. And a Seltzer. Again, Tom Reed is the luckiest man living in the entire 29th District. There must be a reason for it....

Zellet still seems like the best one anyways...sad to see her denied her chance by a lawyerly move...but this still seems like Zeller's to lose considering Reed's history.

Janice Volk Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Janice-For-Congress-NYS-29th-District/134756056537750?ref=ts

Janice Volk New Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/janvolkcongress



Janice Volk’s Conservative Pledge to NY-29 Residents

Cuba, NY – August 4, 2010 – Congressional Candidate Janice Volk (R – Cuba) has chosen to take a pledge to the residents of NY-29. This pledge is “Jan’s Conservative Pledge.” This document outlines Jan’s promise to remain true to her conservative values. Jan feels that politicians these days are never held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof). Because of this, Jan is vowing to be accountable to NY-29 constituents. This pledge allows NY-29 to hold her personally accountable. Jan wants the residents of NY-29 to trust her when she is representing them in Congress.

Jan wants the people of NY-29 to know that she is there for them. She will work diligently to improve the quality of life for NY-29. She wants the residents of NY-29 to know that she understands that we are all “trying” to make it in these difficult times. Janice Volk is one of us; she is the only candidate that can truly relate to the residents of this Congressional District.

Janice Volk is from Cuba, NY. She will bring a conservative voice that represents the values of the hard working people of NY-29. Jan has the sensible approach of a mother of six that has maintained a home and family through these trying times, and the compassion of a grandmother of four. Combine these real life experiences with Jan’s background that includes being a healthcare administrator; there is no question that she is the best candidate for NY-29.

Joseph Bassage
Communications Manager, Janice for Congress
Phone: (607) 661-8886


I Janice (Jan) Volk, pledge to NY-29 residents to honor all of my promises to the best of my ability. When elected to Congress, I will work for every resident of this Congressional District to improve our quality of life. I pledge to:

1. Protect the Constitution
2. Reject Cap and Tax
3. Combat illegal immigration
4. Support the right to life
5. Demand for a balanced federal budget
6. Support legislation that supports tax reform
7. Restore federal fiscal responsibility
8. Support limited federal government
9. Defund, Repeal & Replace “ObamaCare”
10. Stop any increase in taxes (personal and corporate)
11. Come up with an energy policy that offers more affordable energy, more well-
paying jobs, energy independence and a cleaner environment
12. Stop the “Pork”

I am willing to discuss this pledge with you. I will be accountable to all residents of NY-29.

Very Yours,
Janice A. Volk

Janice A. Volk
NY - 29th Congressional District Candidate

I wish the best to Janice Volk. She has good ideas and is a breath of fresh air. I hope we see more of her in the future.

Just goes to show that the parties are self feeding machines that will only have it their way. Good luck, Jan.

What good is it, unveiling this pledge (no matter how well done and how compelling) with her out of the race? I don't mean to criticize Ms. Volk, or her campaign "managers," but this is too little too late. We're back to Tom Reed, unpopular as he may be, probably walking away with this. Jan, you have so much to offer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have any of you met Zeller? I've seen him speak on several occasions and find him to be very exciting and compelling. He's a fiscal conservative who actually served his country unlike anyone else in this race. We all lament Jan's removal, but if we all don't like Reed shouldn't we at least consider Zeller? I know I am!

I think Zeller is a sacrificial lamb. The nice thing is that he represents people born int he 1980s.

Met Zeller, felt like I was talking to a spoiled rich kid, out of touch with the southern tier, not impressed. Terrible speaker; couldn't put a sentence together. Since he "moved" to the district, shouldn't he ditch the Virginia license plates on his Toyota and pay the New York taxes like the rest of us? (Glad to see he is supporting the american car makers-NOT!) How arrogant can you be?

Not sure if you actually did meet Mr. Zeller because you sure have your facts wrong!! First, he has applied for NY plates but because Virginia’s DMV works on electronic applications and NY still uses paper it takes several months to process. I pointed that out to him at an event two weeks ago.
Secondly, Matt's car is a Ford not a Toyota. Nice try though.
Thirdly, you claim he is a spoiled rich kid. Hardly. Like so many other American families with limited income, he put himself through school on scholarships and loans. His sole income is his Army reserve pay -- not exactly Bill Gates if you ask me. He has put it all on the line to run for this district and I find it offensive for you to imply that he has no right to come back home after serving his country.
Shame on you. Next time get your facts straight!

I'm not sure how a single 28 year old man puts "it all on the line" to run in a race like this. It's not like the wife and kids are starving why daddy tries to save NY-29. There is really no risk for him whether he wins or loses---he wins, at least from a personal stand-point. That's bull about it taking several months to get your plates from NYS. It only takes a couple of weeks. Nice try though.

Anyone who wants to help get Jan signatures please contact me. Me are looking for any help possible. Janice is running as Independent, no party, but will be endores/supported by the Tea Party. When she gets on the ballot, she will be on the Tea Party Line.

Email: JoeB@JaniceForCongress.com

Wow--according to the Hornell "Tribune," which is carrying detailed and daily coverage of this (helps that Volk is from their circulation area--Allegheny County), she really MAY go for the independent /Tea Party line. Sure hope they can get the signatures. (Here's the headline: "...Despite petition challenge, Volk vows to soldier on
Will start petition drive for Tea Party line if GOP’s Reed knocks her off ballot "

Jan is an enduring woman who is ridiculously intelligent. She should not be counted out. Even if certain political viewpoints have problems with her positions, she is clearly committed to representing the 29th. She is the "FIGHT" in the "the FIGHTing 29th." I think even Rottenchester himself might be persuaded to pull the lever for her, maybe. What say you Rotten?

Let's get Jan on the ballot.

Days later.... I'm still trying to absorb the phrase "ridiculously intelligent" .............

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that Jan Volk is going to be at the Chemung County Fair this Sunday afternoon. There will be a booth Saturday-Sunday, but Jan & I will be there this Sunday. Jan would come Saturday but she is taking part in a candidate vetting for a group called We Surround Rochester. According to the group MeetUp page, all 3 Congressional Candidates will be speaking. The Volk Campaign will have someone there recording this too.

As for not getting enough signatures, we take full blame, the campaign was much smaller in the beginning. The ~1330 signatures there Jan obtained were from the efforts of few. For example, Jan's husband Lynn collected ~750 on his own. Now, we have volunteers from all over NY-29 that have reached out to obtain signatures. All Jan and the team is trying to do is give NY-29 voters a choice to vote for someone who can actually relate with the people, someone who has struggled in the past to pay the mortgage, someone who understands how to make a real and relevant difference.

Thank you to all that have supported Jan thus far and if you would like to help out, please reach out to me and I will contact you ASAP.

Email: JoeB@JaniceForCongress.com

I sure hope you can "pull off" this Independent/Tea Party line candidacy. Great news about Volk going to the Chemung County fair. Her tenacity must be driving the GOP bosses crazy, lol!~

jolly rancher - you seem to know a lot about zeller based on your comments. How did he pay for Allendale High school then? The website shows it cost $17,800 PER YEAR to go to high school there. Since you say he paid for it all, what job did he get in high school that paid him that much? I was delivering newspapers when I was a kid and the most I made was $14 / week.
He must have had one hell of a paper route!!!!

Does the word "scholarship" mean anything to you?

Why doesn't jan try to get on the Democratic ticket for the primary?

Zeller - Single and 28 years old-- "Putting it all on the line".
That really is the funniest thing I read all day! How does he tolerate all the risks?!?! My hero! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's engaged to be married and gave up a career protecting this country in the military and the CIA. Are you willing to give up your career to fight for something you believe in even when everyone else thinks you don't have a chance of making it?

I didn't think so.

Jollyrancher, please stay with the script. Early news articles said that Zeller was looking to move back to the area after traveling through the naples/ /canadaigua area. He was quoted as saying that he considered starting a business but thought it would be too difficult. He then went back to Virginia. Massa quits and Zeller comes home to run for office. Please don't forget the ....came home to create jobs' mantra when you wrap him in the flag. DO keep forgeting to mention why Matt didn't chose to run until after Massa was out of the picture- that is a messy one. Keep up the good work on the story, it's early and easy to forget until it has been rehearsed a few times.

Yeah, it's awful that a young man who grew up in the area wants to come back and run for Congress when the opportunity presents itself. So un-American, so despicable. He is clearly an awful person for wanting to do it, and you, Anonymous, are right to call him out.

Why don't you lay off the personal attacks. If you don't like Matt Zeller's politics, tell us why. Matt Zeller the person seems like a find young man, just as Tom Reed seems like a fine young man. Their politics differ. That's why we have elections.


You always come in as voice of reason and stay true to your "fair and balanced" mantra. Yet, there is something to be said about you calling out "anonymous" for his/her comments, when you are but a phantom yourself.

Keep up the good work. It looks like this race will continue to be interesting, and it's all thanks to Janice Volk.

I might just write in Kuhl!

/tongue in cheek.

I know it was offered in a playful way, but the comment about Randy Kuhl is a serious one to me. I thought he should get into the race to succeed Winner down here as our State Senator (obviously, he didn't) and I'm not so sure he wouldn't have been a fine, solid candidate to regain his seat. Mayor Reed leaves a lot of us kind of flat.

Sorry, it was meant as a joke. I have no bones against Randy. I just think that this entire race is evidence of what is epidemic in our country. Here we are in WNY with no representation, yet we have a party anointed half-term mayor and Mr. Zeller to be our only candidates. This is really sad. The one thing I respect about Volk is that she would step up when others wouldn't. She doesn't need the added stress. I mean, think about it, you only have three applicants for a job that pays $174,000.00 per year. Why?

Ok, all of you speculators.

I am Matt's mom - which DOES make me the expert on who he is, where he came from and just what he has done for his country.

First of all, he has NEVER - I repeat - NEVER gotten anything without working for it. He is not some "spoiled rich kid" who can't put a sentence together (which make you a total reprobate and without merit, "dear silence D") - in High School, Matt was a champion debater and went to the NYS finals in Albany in Forensics for Speech and Debate - I doubt you EVER had such merit!

As for his work history:
His first job was a cart boy for TOPS supermarkets in Rochester - at 15 years old. He was quickly promoted to a cashier due to his effort, diligence, cheerful attitude and respect for the customers. His also had a job as a lifeguard for the Rochester YMCA...then a cashier at Blockbuster video. As a high school student, he volunteered as an EMT with Brighton Volunteer Ambulance Core in addition to continuing to hold down these jobs and be a scholarship student at Allendale-Columbia - yep, that's right - SCHOLARHIP! His dad and I were just working folks who could not afford to send him there, but we knew his potential and wanted to give him the best education possible. Because of his hard work and effort, he not only could attend Allendale, he became a champion of the debate team, representing western NYS in the state championships; he was nominated to be a delegate for the National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington DC his junior year; he also is a graduate of Colorado Mountaineering Outward Bound, an acolyte in our church from the time he was a youth, a Magna Cum Lauda graduate of Hamilton College (which he also was able to attend on scholarships, including ROTC which I can affirm paid for his entire tutition junior and senior year).

The rest of his achievements and scholastic success is a matter of public record if you have the brains and interest to research it - rather than just spill out the speculative crap that I've seen posted here.

I also know that, as a former Blue Star mother, I fervently prayed for Matt's safetly every day of that year he was in Afghanistan, serving his country and giving his all to make the poor, uneducated people of that nation have a better life - which is more than you sorry, self-centered, self-serving naysayers have done! A week after he arrived, he was almost killed - that's right, almost killed - in a horrific ambush by the Taliban. I woke up at 4:30 AM (exactly the time the attack was happening), knowing somehow that my boy was in great danger. I prayed as hard as I have ever prayed without knowing exactly why.

That entire day I was agitated, upset, irritable without explanation. Finally, as I was trying to go to sleep that night, still praying for Matt, the phone rang. Again, without explanation, I knew it was Matt.

With my heart in my mouth, I answered.

"Mom - stop worrying - I'm all right."

I could barely get the words out...."How - what's happened?"

"Mom - I gotta go - things to do. I just wanted you to know I'm ok"

"How did you know I was worrying"

"Mom - the mom radar is very strong"....

And then the line went dead.

So - you cynics can say what you like. This is my kid, the son I know better than all of you. He has strived to make himself the best person he can be his whole life. He continues to strive, campaigning without any money of his own - he has over $100,000 in student debts and gave up a very lucrative job serving the country as an expert in terrorism security to follow this calling to help his home area. He continues to be the incredible, self-sacrificing person we raised him to be.

If any of you cynics wish to contest this matter further, I would be more than happy to meet you face-to-face and have a real discussion. I relish hearing you say to me in person what you get away with as an anonymous poster on this forum.

Elizabeth, proud mother of Matt Zeller

Right on.


I will assume you really are Matt Zellers Mother.

I am sure that Matt is all you say he is and I am also sure Tom Reed and most other politicians mothers think well of them as well. We respect and appreciate Matts life and military duty. Voting for him is another thing all together. Personally what I look for when I vote for someone is that they will represent me and my values and beliefs. I expect them to represent me to Washington and not Washington to me. In my opinion this is the mistake many democrats are making now and that is what is causing them problems. Nancy Pelosi has her district and the values of it are different than ours. Not once in your defense of Matt did you say how he plans to represent us.

People have a right to blog anonymous (at least for now). Veiled threats by the mother of a candidate does not play well even if they are meaningless and misguided. Seriously what are you going to do if you were face to face with one of the "Cynics" give them a piece of your mind? Slap Them? What? How is that going to help get your son elected?

Blogs are a reality of Politics. If you really want to get your son elected show the discipine to not post in such a fashion and tell us how he will represent us.



Janice Volk for Congress



(607) 661-8886

Volk Will Seek the Tea Party Line for Congress

Cuba, New York. August 8, 2010. Janice Volk announced today that she will circulate petitions for a “Tea Party” line for Congress in the 29th district. “I want to give the voters a choice,” Volk said, “the same choice that Tom Reed took away from them by challenging my Republican petitions.” Reed, the endorsed Republican candidate admitted Saturday that his supporters had knocked Volk off the Republican primary ballot using technicalities such as voters listing their village instead of town on the petition.

“All across the country, the Republican machine has been at war with the tea party movement or trying to co-opt it,” Volk said. “It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say, enough! I will do my best to collect the necessary signatures (3500) to put a Tea Party line on the ballot in November and I dare Mr. Reed to try to knock the Tea Party off the ballot.

When asked about why his supporters filed a challenge to Volk’s petitions, Reed said, “The rules are the rules.” Volk’s reply: “That’s probably what King George said when he heard about the Boston Tea Party. Two can play that game. ‘The rules’ say I can run as the Tea Party candidate and I intend to do so.”

Matt's Mom,

So why isn't Matt challenging Louise Slaughter? That is the district you raised him in? That's where he worked, lived, and volunteered.

Matt's credentials are perfect for NY-28. If his heart is truly with the community of his childhood then he's running in the wrong district.


Your run a "political report" and yet you don't understand that NY-29 encompasses a large chunk of the Rochester suburbs, and that the line for NY-29 is literally a few blocks from where Zeller went to school? Bust out your map.

Sam: He's not challenging Louise Slaughter because he does not live in the 28th district now. Also Louise Slaughter is doing a great job in the position she holds. I'm assuming you are a vote for Tom Reed. He moved out of the 29th, was a lawyer in Rochester, moved back to Corning. Became involved in politics. I guess people move.

Rotten - Wonderful excuse. Of course the way NY 28 is drawn, everyone is a few blocks from another district!

Get out your map, for a blog written only about NY 29, I'd have thought you'd know that Rochester is not a suburb. Matt grew up on Meigs St. and last time I checked Rochester is not a suburb of Rochester. Nor is Rochester anything like the predominantly rural NY 29, which is exactly the purpose of having discricts. "A few blocks from outside the city limits" is a long way from Cattaurugus.

Perhaps you were too enamoured with Matt's cart pushing credentials to notice, but blocks are what separates a large number of NY districts. I doubt many people inside those districts would agree that blocks don't matter.

My general point is that the whole premise of your argument is dumb - who cares which Rochester Congressional District Zeller picks to represent? The gerrymandering of the districts makes 25, 26, 28 and 29 all reasonable targets for a Rochester native.


-- Allendale-Columbia school is in Brighton, not Rochester, and is a few blocks from the NY-29 border.

-- The 29th is predominantly rural by geography, but roughly half of it is in Monroe County by population.

-- I don't think a Rochesterian can win the district, but he's welcome to try.

-- I hate "carpetbagger" arguments, because they're stupid, tribal and a bit un-American, frankly.

Rotten - My argument is far from a cry that Matt should not run. I'm seeking an explanation, not some sort of sick residential purity.

At least Matt appears to be a fresh face. By all means, I have high hopes for the boy and am thankful for his great sacrifice and service. Regardless, of the race's outcome, I hope he sticks around and does some good in the district.

However, he shouldn't be hiding behind the curtain of "lived so close it doesn't matter." "Why" is a valid question and his "I saw all the closed NY 29 businesses" doesn't cut it, there's thousands more ruined busineses in Rochester. I'm sure nearby East Ave businesses have changed hands about a dozen times since he went off to college. There is no shortage of empty storefronts in the city.

The fact that supporters try and down play it, isn't doing him any favors either. Here's how it ends up looking:

A bid for NY-28 would have pinned him against the Democratic leadership, but a bid for NY-29 with a little inside help of former Massa aide and friend Clark Pettig, got him leadership support and put him in the good graces of the party. It's a smart, long-term political move and yes, this is politics, but aren't supporters trying to place Matt above all of that political stuff? It doesn't bode well for his leadership nor his political neophyte image.

Matt's Mom makes the case that Matt is a decisive leader, so the "why" question is the perfect opportunity for Matt to stand up and give an honest explanation. I'd be happy with a simple, "Louise Slaughter is doing a great job in NY 28," but that wouldn't go well in his bid for NY 29 and hey, it's bad politics.

What's wrong with "the open seat in the town where I grew up is NY-29" as an explanation. Or, "the opportunity was in NY-29". It's not that complicated, unless you're trying to build a case that he's some kind of carpetbagger, which you were, obviously, despite your denials.

Forgive me if I don't try using the "you had an opening so I applied" response at my next job interview. It is commonly accepted that an opportunity is not the same as a reason.

But it's your blog Rottenchester, feel free to make an excuse.

Yeah, Zeller's a bad bad man for wanting to seize an opportunity. Shame on him. He has to justify, in triplicate, why he wants to run for Congress.

Every candidate for Congress does it because they want to serve and because they want to advance. That seems painfully obvious, but somehow you think that Zeller's reasons, which are roughly the same as Reed's or anyone else's, are somehow bad.

So I guess you've made your point -- you want to score whatever cheap personal points you can, instead of engaging on legitimate issues. But if the other readers in the comments don't believe me, feel free to visit Sam's blog. There you'll find a blog post criticizing Zeller's mom for defending her son, in which Sam tries to twist Zeller's summer jobs into some kind of negative against him. And don't forget, it's also a bad thing that Zeller was on the debate team. You read it first at Sam's place, a.k.a., "Cheap Shots are Easier than Political Analysis".

My question for Matt, or Matt's Mom, is: why is he a Democrat? The great divide in U.S. politics in 2010 is between the Pelosi/Reid/Obama big government, union agenda, spend and tax policies, versus the mish-mash of everyone else. Put another way, if you believe in socialism and bankrupting America, you become a Democrat. Everyone else is an independent, a Republican, or something other than a Democrat.

The "something else" faction of America desperately needs leadership. There is no one in NY politics in this region who is standing up for middle class taxpayers who work in the private sector. The unions basically run NY politics thru their lap dogs in NYC/Albany like Sheldon Silver and their surrogate like Koon, Susan John and Joe Morelli. The Republicans are spineless (e.g., has Jim Alesi ever stood for anything?? or Mike Nozzolio ever done anything that wasn't motivated by generating legal fees for his law firm??). It seems to me that a guy with Matt's background would be a natural Republican, or Independence Party candidate -- just not a union lapdog and Pelosi/Reid ("the war is lost")/Obama wannabe. The Republican Party needs you -- and if you can't stomach that -- the Independence Party needs you more !

This Zeller bashing is kinda boring. Rottenchester, sir, you have 'defended yourself' well with this hair-splitter.