Volk Round-Up

In case you missed it in the last comments, here's here's some video of Janice Volk talking to what looks like the Elmira Star-Gazette editorial board.

And here's a press release from the Volk campaign that, like a lot of what comes from that group, is a little different from the norm:

I issued a press release a week ago that decried efforts to deny Janice Volk's right to be on the ballot and how the voters of Western New York were being disenfranchised by the Republican political machine.

I feared that I would be accused of implying racism or sexism so I included this line:

"We want to make one thing very clear. Janice nor the committee assume that the motivation for these actions are based on racism or sexism. It seems far more likely that the motivations involve a lust for power without the troublesome bother of being chosen by the voters."

The reason I feared this seemed obvious to me. Anyone who has seen the front page of a newspaper knows that Janice is a black woman. Condemning actions to deny the political rights of a black woman could lead some to make assumptions of racism or sexism. I didn't want that to happen so I tried my best to address it. If I didn't include the line I would be answering questions as to why I left people to make that assumption, not why I put it in.

Apparently, there is no avoiding this. So:

Janice is the first woman, and the first black candidate to represent the NY 29th in the U.S. House of Representatives. I believe she should take pride in that. The Republican Party was born in Allegany NY in 1854 for the sole purpose of repealing Democratic legislation that would have allowed slavery to expand into the West. Western NY has a long history of being fair on these issues. Janice experienced 'in your face' racism while collecting petition signatures door to door. Racism certainly exists in Western New York, but it's been one in a thousand. She takes it in stride and would far rather have me focus on the thousands of people who have supported her than some lone bitter racist.

Janice is a fiscal conservative and Tea Party groups have embraced and supported her. She was livid when the NAACP accused the Tea Party of racism.

For the record, I did not intend to 'play the race card'. And, to the NAACP: no, Janice Volk and her supporters are not racist.

Terry L. Cary
Campaign Manager, Janice for Congress


This campaign is getting more and more, uh, confusing. For what it's worth, there WAS at least one female who ran--with the Republican party endorsement--in the general for Congress from down here: Jill Emery, wife of the then-legislative leader James (?) Emery. She took on Stan Lundine, incumbent Democrat, but came up short. She was prepared to run again, when he was named State Lt. Governor, but Amo announced for his seat, in effect saying he would do "whatever it took" to win the election---and the rest is history.

Was she in NY-29 as it is currently composed? I don't think she was.

No--it was a different configured district then. I think it took in Jamestown. In fact, would have had to since that's where Stan resided.

Part 4 says / shows it all. Terry Cary did not prep his candidate. Volk lost all credibility and no serious candidate will ever choose Cary after he through Campini under the bus after he is already out of the election. He really thinks he's something in the video.
What a train wreck. He and Volk just gave reed the primary. I am sure we will be seeing that on every commercial in the next few months

Looks like a BOE hearing officer just gave reed the primary, or lack thereof.