For Volk, Second Time Not Charming

As commenter TDS and Sean Carroll at 13-WHAM have both noted, the Volk campaign again failed to gain the requisite number of signatures to make the ballot.

This means that Volk's last serious chance at election just went out the window, and the race in the 29th is between Matt Zeller and Tom Reed.


A shame, 'eh? She came so close, the first time around, with the required legal signatures. If she had just had better counsel or a closer eye or...whatever. I like Matt Zeller---a lot---but this likely will be Tom Reed's year.

Ostrowski was possibly the worst lawyer she could have hired. If she'd have appealed the petition challenge I do believe she could have won. 22 short-- sheesh! Yet Jim led her on that quixotic third-party idea and is now trying, quite sillily, to push a totally implausible third-party candidacy. Now, if she had proposed this for the special she might have more credibility but this just screams sore loser and spoiler attempt.

I kinda find myself, given how dull this all is, thinking ahead to eventual reapportionment (Rottenchester, would that occur in advance of the 2012 balloting?). Dependent on how the cards play out, Rep. Reed could be gerrmandered into facing a fellow Republican out of Syracuse or something.

Which handles redistricting, the house or the senate? Because the latter is in play.

Neither. State legislatures are left with the job of gerrymandering. In New York this means we have to rely on the State Assembly and State Senate to look out for our best interest on the federal level.

That's what I mean, the state house or the state senate. The state senate is more likely to change hands than the national one...

New campaign slogan for Volk and she claims that the new ballots will make writing her in easier than ever:


I agree, it is evident that we must get used to saying Congressman Reed...

WHY, people? Why Reed? What do you think the guy has that is so special, intriguing, charismatic, etc. to win this thing? Because he is the Republican candidate and the blind folks of the 29th are going to automatically vote the party? Because Reed has all this incredible experience, knowledge about the big picture, world issues as well as a handle on the 29th district's needs? Because he is so dynamic? So very appealing? I am, in a word, baffled as to why there is this consensus of opinion amongst this group that Reed is such a shoe-in. Perhaps you are all so very knowing but premature...things are just starting to heat up, there have been no public debates between the about sitting back and waiting before you make such predictions.

I heard Zeller's interview on WHAM with Lonsberry last Friday - very, very impressive...a clear-thinking, articulate young man who really has a grasp on the issues. Lonsberry, a tough one to win over, was obviously impressed. He has run a grass-roots campaign for only about 3 you think he is not getting his word out, check out his website's a whole lot there to see than on the reed website, which consists of his very scary and oh-so-evidently posed photos, his white-bread-but-n0-substance statements and equally milk-toast "supporters"....

So, much as all of you think you have called this race and already patting yourselves on the back for being so very insightful, I say.....
"Wait....there's a whole lot more to come...."