Thanks, commenters, for reminding me that Janice Volk's persecution continues:

Allegany County Tea Party write-in congressional candidate Janice Volk has been on the reieving end of some harrassment, since her campaign for Congress started up. "This race is getting nasty," Mrs. Volk said at last night's Tea Party get-together in Olean. "My grandbaby's asking me, 'Mama, what's a nig---? Because they're going by my house, calling me names."

Mrs. Volk also claims that she was run off the road while driving, and that gunshots were fired in the air near her, and that since she's been campaigning for Congress, members of her family have been harrassed as well.


I find it interesting that no law enforcement agencies are referred to in the news story. I would like to think that this radio station would have at least tried to verify the gunshots if nothing else before posting the story.

Good questions, not answered in the piece.

Cuba Police Department documented the incident at Jan's house involving her daughter/grandbabies last Saturday/Sunday.

I have seen other forms of in your face racism towards Jan. One example is at the Chemung County Fair and another example is at the Catt. County Sportsmen's Club Event. It is so sad to see people treat others like this. However, Jan does not let it phase her, she just moves on with a smile on her face.

The reason that this has been brought up is because some people in the media accused Mrs. Volk of playing the race card. So, as any responsible person would do, she provided examples.

People's mindsets get skewed and blurred by politics. All Jan is trying to do is stand up for the people of NY-29 as best as she can. I have the entire speech if you would like to hear it, the audience seemed to be agreement with her (as you can tell me the applause at the end). The speech does not really focus on racism at all, it goes into detail some issues with Tea Party and her continued run for Congress.

So why don't you post those docs on her website? Something like this should garner national attention if its true.

I agree - this is a story that needs to get out - Janice for Congress please post links to the media that accuse Jan of using the race card and also if you can the audio of people calling her names. Also the copy of the police report.

I do find it interesting that this is a Republican/Conservative candidate, as a opposed to a Democratic candidate. This might be the tell-tale sign that the media is bias in favor of liberals. I suspect that if a Democratic candidate had gunshots go off near her/him, then it would be making headlines nationwide, even if the candidate was merely a write in. Public enemy number one would be the religious right-wing-nuts.

If this is credible, the media will pick it up. But she's already in the hole with the media, not because she's a Republican/Conservative/whatever, but because she's already cried wolf. Her campaign manager claimed that there were many instances of her race being mentioned negatively on blogs. When pressed, he said there was *one* instance of this happening, and that it had been deleted. So I think the media is taking a wait-and-see approach to see if her current claim has any more validity than her old ones.

It's interesting to me that Janice is always the victim. If it isn't the liberal media that won't believe her claims of being shot at without a police report, it's Tom Reed unjustly challenging her signatures, or people saying mean things about her on blogs.

That's a good point. Where is the NAACP? Is it so politically corrupted that it won't go to bat for one of its own? Who is her campaign manager? I saw a few different names in the articles I've read. You would think Glenn Beck would be inviting her on his show if this had any teeth. Oh, what we go through here in the lonely 29th.

Yeah, the NAACP is monitoring the Canisteo Valley News. I wonder why they didn't get right on that. /sarcasm

Also, Anonymous, pick a name if you're going to post multiple times. That way the other commenters know who they're dealing with.

Perhaps you are right. I pick: I sort of like politics. The NAACP isn't concerned about those who do not adamantly hold to their liberal values. The colored in NaaCp isn't about the color of your skin, but it is about the Callous on your heart. I still think Jan should keep up her fight, don't you? It keeps your blog interesting, that's for sure. Without Jan, your blog is a bore.

BTW: I take credit for any "Anonymous" posts that you, the reader, found humorous or informative. All other Anonymous posts were not me. :)

The Volk campaign is going off the deep end. Gunshots? Hillary Clinton heard gunshots in the Balkans, too. Maybe when I hear something from outside the Volk campaign, I'll believe it. She's looking more and more like a stooge.

Whatever.....But if I was fortunate enough to have an extra couple hundred thousand dollars setting around, I'd seriously consider investing in her race because she does have something valuable to contribute and say. Congressman-to-be-Soon Reed (and company) should thank their lucky stars they were able to maneuveur her off the ballot.

Yes indeed, the race would be dull without Janice in the mix! I like her. She's a stand up person, probably too honest for politics, but she knows what has to be done, she knows how to do it, and if she gets the chance she could become the most beloved Congressperson this area has had in years.