Reed's Ads

Here are Tom Reed's first two TV ads. Both are similar, and similar to Zeller's. The two candidates are just trying to form a positive impression and increase name recognition.


Looks like Volk is ready for her video to make its way around the tubes too. Just saw it in on her home page.

OH Rottnechester, how shallow art thou! How could you even begin to say that Reed's ads and Zeller's ads are similar? I have lost all respect for your fair evaluations.

Tom just looks like the usual politician, trying to make an impact as to how important he is, how much he has (not) given to his community, how he is the head of his (2 children) family and how much he connects to his constituents. In addition, he just looks like the same-old-same old, middle-aged, way overweight, "in-it-for-myself, couldn't even care about my own health, much less the welfare of the country's" professional politician.

Small business man ensuring jobs?
Small business lawyer-debt collector, making his own personal fortune off of others MIS-fortune.

"Knows - and cares about us..." - (sounds of vomit)

Living in the home he grew up in?
A babe in the woods about anything else outside his own small town.

Mayor of his home-town?
Yeah - for half a term, in a ceremonial position where all he had to do was "run" the council meetings (the day-to-day operation of Corning is in the hands of a City Manager who oversees everything of importance.)

Oh, and the most disgusting part - trying to ride on his grandfather's (or was it father's?) - heroic coat-tails, who really did put themselves in danger in the military. ("too modest to talk about it....") (more sounds of vomit) PUHLEEZE!

How dare you, Rottenchester, say these two ads could even be compared as equal? Tom Reed's Spindoctors try to make him LOOK like some kind of superhero.

He is smiling broadly as he walks around a fire-hall (gee, has he EVER put HIMSELF on the line like those brave souls?)

He looks very happy as he talks on the phone (no doubt anticipating all the money he can make from one of his medical debt cases where he will go after some poor family who can't pay an exorbitant hospital bill that mounted up trying to keep their loved one in this world.)

Yeah - JUST like you and me.

Matt Zeller's ACTUAL comrades in real actual warfare speak to his "integrity, courage, honesty." They speak from the heart of men who actually served with Matt, who DID know him in the most visceral way - in combat, where they could be killed by enemy fire at any second.

Their words carry so much more strength than some anonymous hired woman overvoice (oh - btw, hired by Ree's campaign to read the script.)

Rottenchester, I thought you were fair and impartial... if you cannot see a HUGE difference between these two ads, you are not looking very deeply. As a result, I have lost any respect I had for you.

From the tone of this post it appears you have gone "Irrational" in your thinking. If you are any indication of the average Zeller supporter, then I am staying far away from him!

Reed's a small-town lawyer who got into politics and has a wife and kids. That's all the ads are saying. It's up to the opposition to poke holes in Reed's story, not Reed.

Reading this you'd think that Reed murders kittens for sport. Demonizing Reed isn't going to win this election, and your overwrought overinterpretation of Reed's ad is just nuts.

Rational Thinker - Just admit you are Matt Zeller, have realized you are going to lose, and have lost your mind.

You all think that The Republican party is going to save the country (hmmm....just like they did when Bush was in the White House) and its clear most of you on this site are Tom Reed or Janice Volk supporters - that's what's obvious.

And if you think Matt Zeller even has time to spend on this sorry site, it is you who have lost your mind. That guy is everywhere (just check his Facebook Page if you don't believe it).

I WISH I was Matt Zeller. I could say I'm Janice Volk - come to think of it, I could accuse any of you of the same. So much for that argument.

You are out of your mind. Just relax and take a chill pill. Yes, the eight of us that read this blog and its corresponding comments enjoy it. We do not need your drunken rants to detract from the intellectual conversation. If you do not have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all!

(IR)Rational Thinker - Seriously, your nuts. Get some sleep, you'll feel better.

Anonymous - you've been hiding behind that alias far too long.

Perhaps you are Tom Reed - which would explain a lot of things.

And, oh, by the way, it's "you're nuts" (as in "you are nuts"), not "your" nuts (possessive as in mine, yours, ours, etc.). Unless you are referring to that can in your cupboard - or something else..........

I have just reread my previous post that everyone is criticizing and I fail to see how it could be labeled a "rant" or "nuts" or a "drunken rant" (none of which is true.) I was pointing out irrefutable facts which the public record substantiates. If the rest of you don't want to deal with that, it's a crying shame.

Which leads me to conclude that most of you "anonymous" posters are really either Tom Reed (insert Janice Volk) or their campaign staff members.

Read my previous long post again. I maintain that my points are completely rational and that both candidates stand for what their previous record displays. That is nothing BUT a rational conclusion.

And, after saying that, gentle (I use the term loosely) men, I have posted my last and final on this site. The site is a joke and you all can have it to yourselves.

these are not the Tom Reed ads that are on television. The Tom Reed ads I saw talk about Nancy Pelosi and Obama.

Same here. I've never seen these ads on TV. But I have seen ones that attack Pelosi and Obama.

Former Mayor Reed is by no means 'stupid.' He "had to leave early" the Watkins Glen rally, before candidate Paladino invited all office-seekers to stand with him at the podium. Paladino took note, lol:

From the Corning newspaper on-line version:

"...Before he began speaking, Paladino asked other candidates at the rally to gather with him on stage. Noticeably absent was Tom Reed, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 29th District who attended the rally.

'Where’s Tom Reed?' Paladino asked.

"Reached on the phone later, Reed said leaving before Paladino’s speech was nothing more than having to leave for another campaign commitment.

“(Paladino’s) a good friend and I just had a campaign event,” said Reed, adding he planned to call Paladino to explain.

Of Saturday’s event in Watkins Glen, Reed said the large, vocal crowd was a sign people are ready for change.

“I think the large number of people there just demonstrates that people are engaged and they’re energized,” Reed said. “It’s so refreshing. It shows you that people are concerned and it’s time to stand up.”
Secretly, I bet he was relieved to have avoided the group shot. As published in the "Leader," you have--I would think--the secretly embarrassed State Senate and local Assembly candidates dutifully lining up.

I'm a life long resident of Corning that saw how Reed operated when in office, and I'm petrified he'll represent us in Congress. I don't know much about Zeller, just that his signs are starting to go up all over Corning.

People that haven't got to witness Reed up close and personal like we have should know the real Tommy Boy. Anyone but Reed!

Volk's ad is a beautiful tribute to life.

"ad/video" that is.