Zeller Commercial

Here's Matt Zeller's first ad for broadcast, via the comments:

It's a good "get acquainted" ad. I've yet to see a Reed ad for broadcast.


wow, I hadn't heard much about Zeller before this, but what a great ad....powerful stuff

I just saw my first Reed bumper sticker today. This sure is a stealth campaign on both sides.... which I assume gives the advantage to the Republican in this district .... no matter how poor a candidate.

And I have not yet seen a lawn sign for either of them.

Patience, Rich, patience.....

There's a Reed lawn sign at a fork in the road just outside Little Valley along with a dusted-off years-old Catharine Young for State Senate sign and one of the seemingly ubiquitous "I'm Mad Too, Carl!" Paladino sign.

Hornell paper is reporting the Monroe-based pizza businessman has dropped out and is throwing his support to...Tom Reed. Methinks the Reed folks implored him to do this, out of concern for the manner in which Volk is gaining steam and recognition?http://www.eveningtribune.com/features/x2121098963/Pizzeria-owner-drops-out-of-race

Or, perhaps, it's because he saw what Janice Volk was doing and didn't want to be accused of the same. Personally, I think it's disappointing, because of all of the four, Campini had the most coherent message and I would have considered writing him in. I will never do that with Volk, because her campaign is all about defeating Reed, even if it means tossing the seat to Zeller, and she's done a horrible job articulating on the issues (granted, Reed hasn't done much better, but at least he's trying). If he thinks he can have a greater influence as an advocate, more power to him.

I think you have an issue with Jim O. You posted on his website about Volk too. I have researched all the candidates and Volk is the only candidate to release a platform, Campini, Reed or Zeller have yet to do that. Angelo said he was doing a write-in campaign yet he was never heard from again. I am still undecided who I am going to vote for, but it will most likely be a write-in for Volk. I know my family feels the same way about it too. But who knows, 4 weeks is a long time!

I have to agree here, I just went back and compared Reed's issue pages vs. Zeller's vs. Volk's issue pages. Volk is the only one who succinctly states where she stands. Reed and Zeller have a lot of ambiguous "feel good" language designed to hide any real meat. At least with Volk, you know where she stands, even if you disagree.

Yeah, she hates Tom Reed, and that's all she ever talks about. The rest is just boilerplate party-line stuff just like Reed. At least Angelo had a focus on deficit reduction.

Untrue. Tom Reed won't really touch being"pro-life." Volk does touch on that. Tom believes in embryonic stem cell research and abortions under certain circumstances. Again, Jan has her platform and no one else does, agree or not, at least she put her views out for the publice to see.

So, maybe Reed as the front-runner should tell us what he is going to do and not have these phony commercials. He said he started a small business? Does he go into depth on what that small business does? No, because he is ashamed to be a medical collections attorney, he sues the very sick and most vulnerable of our district.

I disagree with Ostrowski as far as this race goes, and some other things. The reason I put the question on his site is because I think he has the right to see what I'm saying about him and not see it written behind his back. However, ultimately, Volk is the candidate, not Ostrowski. As a Republican, which is how her petitions were circulated, she has a responsibility to run her race to win, but failing that, not hurt the party cause. See: Dede Scozzafava. Instead, all she has done since the petition challenge was run against Reed. She gave a passing mention to Zeller, but otherwise, she's put the platform on the back burner and just gone into all-out attack mode like Reed killed one of her alpacas or something. It's no wonder Democrats are giddy about Volk's continued bomb-throwing.

WOW----Tremendous commercial!!!!

Maybe in a year where the democrats have not screwed things up so bad Matt may have a chance. Right now any more democrats in congress are a vote for status quo, pelosi reid obama agenda. This will be the third consecutive change year. Matt is young and I hope he stays with it and switches parties, but in 2010 its a tough slog for a new democrat in a heavy republican district.

Great ad -- whoever did it did a slam dunk. The whole campaign in the 29th has been just weird. Reed is mounting the first ever stealth campaign for congress. No one I know has a clue who he is, what he stands for, or what qualifies him to be in congress. He'll still probably win but is this the best the GOP could find? I think the southern tier is screwed. What a difference from Amo.

True, he is no Amo. Few i any are. But remember, "young Tom Reed" was willing to be what likely would have been the loser in a Massa-Reed race. It still would have been tight, but I'm pretty sure Massa would have squeaked it out. Propelling him, and the district, even further into the national media spotight during what otherwise may be a GOP landslide. Damn, what might have been. Anyway, the GOP leaders did the right thing in sticking with Reed after the no-one-would-have-thought-it-possible-in-a-million-years resignation of Massa. Don't think a number of folks, like Brian Kolb, weren't hitting their heads with a "D'oh!!!"---but in this case it was only fair and right.

Great ad - I challenge Tom Reed to come up with anything equal. Can't wait to see what else comes out of the Zeller campaign....I have a feeling we're just starting to see the tip of the iceberg!

Reed has been up on the air for like 2 weeks. He has an ad talking about him being a small businessman who has created jobs. It's pretty good. I've seen it a bunch of times.

I don't think this Zeller ad has actually gone up on TV yet.

I saw Zeller's ad four times last night and twice this morning. Far more genuine than Reed's. I wonder if Volk will go on TV. Has she raised any money?

Matt needs to have commercials like Nick Popaditch if he wants to get elected. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Popaditch at one of his rallies when I was on business in California. This guy was a tank commander, he was hit in the head with an RPG during brutal battle in Fallujah and survived.


Matts record is honorable like every other American who served his country in battle, his main problem is he is a democrat in a bad year for them.

Tiberious - you are so very out there - instead of living in Texas and trying to chime in on things in the 29th, why don't you just stay in Texas and vote for Rue Paul, or whoever it is you are voting for down there.

As for Volk, she has run her course, in my humble opinion. But there will still be those few folks who take her seriously, about as much as Campini's campaign (NOT).

I watched a video of all three - Matt, Tom and Janice - speaking for the Retired Police Association. Tom basically sat back and looked as though he were falling asleep. Janice just sat and shook her head. Matt was dynamic, speaking clearly, discussing all sorts of issues with a deep knowledge and understanding.

When one of the audience asked a question and made it clear that he wanted to have all three answer, Janice was barely articulate and practically inaudible.

Janice - take some public speaking classes - your supporters say you are a little dynamo -NOT!

Tom did his usual bluster without substance (Tom - get out of your debt collecting law office and get an education outside of your own personal worth!)

Only Matt answered the question with any kind of insight and focus, showing he had really thought about the subject and had come to a decision as to his stance. And he has more than $100.000 in student loan debts, sacrificing personal gain and everything to run for this office and make a difference for the 29th. Can those other two say the same?

HELLO! Wake-up call, NYS 29th district. Who, indeed, can enter the halls of the House of Representatives in Congress, take charge and not look like they were voted in by a pack of idiots?

All Matt does it talk about his war experiences. Matt has not lived in NY-29 for years and does not know the pressing issues. Janice Volk has "lived the issues" that NY-29 residents face on a daily basis. She is a farmer, small business owner, mother, grandmother and so on. Even Tom Reed to an extent has lived here and raised a family. This race is more than war stories, just because he was in war does not make him the most qualified. Maybe, Matt needs to talk about the issues and not spend 20 minutes talking about the war.

Ouch. I bet Reed's blood pressure went through the roof when he saw this.