Bath Forum

Here's the Corning Leader's story on the Bath League of Women Voters candidate forum.


The Hornell Tribune has a more indepth overview.

Reed claims he didn't receive the AARP questions prior to the debate. AARP claims that isn't true. Why lie Tom? AARP is a non-partisan organization. It has nothing to gain by favoring one candidate over another -- and really everything to lose should they be viewed as taking a side. Reed's overall performance in the debate was awful -- and now this. My mind is made up, I'm not voting for Reed. If he can't be honest about receiving the questions, what else is he willing to lie about?

If anything, these "forums" and "debates" are showing us that the 29th will have another two years without adequate representation regardless of who wins in November.

Reed is the quintessential Republican candidate that expresses everything wrong with the GOP. Zeller, on the other hand seems beholden to far left progressive ideals (except for his comments on fiscal conservatism) and it appears that he will be easily manipulated by the Democratic party if he intends on serving more than one term.

See for yourself, and make your own decisions. The whole debate is up on youtube, uncut in 6 parts

Here is a link to the actual ballot for November 2nd. Make sure to write-in Janice Volk, very easy to do with the new e-ballots!

The debate on YouTube is from Bath - courtesy of the Zeller campaign. The AARP debate was a phone in debate and as far as I can tell is not on YouTube.

Speaking of the AARP phone debate, I didn't get to listen to it, but I did hear something on the radio about it. Apparently Tom Reed in his closing said he never got the questions ahead of time and blamed the AARP for it. Then a spokesperson for the group said she had signed evidence saying he did...really weird story. You can hear the audio on from finger lakes radio here:

I wish I could've heard it...why would he piss off a bunch of old people? Did he do so bad he just wanted to try and CYA, so he blamed the AARP?

Anyone hear it that can comment?

The debate is posted on U-Tube...while the Zeller campaign may have put it there, the footage speaks for itself. Reed and Volk were spouting their usual flim-flam, not saying very much of substance. Zeller filled his one-minute answers (all each candidate had for each question) with facts, clear ideas and forceful arguments. At one point, Reed tried to make it sound like Zeller had said he wanted to raise taxes right after Zeller spoke very clearly about just the opposite - how he wanted to repeal tax cuts for those who make over $250.000 a year but not for the lower and middle class working folks. The whole audience was rumbling at how Reed could spout an outright lie and try to pass it off. When Zeller's turn came again, he said "I want to clear this up - I never said I wanted to increase taxes, and that any of you would let a politiican like Tom Reed tell you otherwise is not acceptable." The applause from the audience was deafening. I know 'cause I was there.
If you don't believe me, you can see it all on the video and a whole lot more. Just go to U-Tube and put "Bath League of Women Voters 29th District debate' and see for yourself.

I heard it. Before the debate started that he didn't get the questions. The AARP guy said they would be using the prepared questions sent to the candidates and Reed immediately said something like "what questions?"

according to AARP they said they have a signature that says his campaign got it. So either he lied to cover how bad he did, or he just wasn't prepared for it.

Either way, it doesn't bode well for someone thinking about making him a congressman.

"One Term Tom" amuses me. But he's a shoo-in--and maybe he will surprise all of us and grow in office.

And you, sir, are delusional.

Zeller is done - even my 84 year old card carrying union member father is going with the Republicans this time. The building where he casts his ballot in may very fall in when he votes for anyone but a Democrat.

Volk screwed up when she wasn't able to get her name on the ballot.

Reed is in the right district at the right time.