Corning Leader: Massa Disappoints, Dunning Column

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader front-page story [pdf] (and jump [pdf]) on the lingering disappointment over Eric Massa in Corning.

Joe Dunning's column [pdf] includes a few observations about the candidates, including a note that Zeller is far more convincing than Reed when discussing Afghanistan.


Speaking of "The Leader," I just this morning spotted--in the on-line edition--a rather courageous and mildly "scathing" take on former Mayor Reed, offered up by Bob Rolfe. Rolfe is the highly regarded semi-retired political editor for that paper who now appears from time-to-time with his "Insider" column. It's worth a look,. Remember, it ran right in Mr. Reed's hometown!":

For those of you who seem to think being a debt collector shouldn't raise any red flags in a run for political office, I urge you to read this article:

Then, when you're done, contemplate Tom Reed receiving $160,000 from Wall St. hedge managers, and consider whether those donations are just a coincidence, or if being a debt collector really is the problem.

The sky is falling .... the sky is falling ......

Maybe we should just hang debt collectors and the people who loaned the borrowers the money

Since when did Tom Reed 160,000 from hedge fund managers. Stop just making stuff up.

This info is available to all on the FEC website. Tom Reed has a PAC (US House Victory Committee), in which he's accepted almost $500,000 all from NYC. Elliot Management employs hedgefund managers, and he's collected $160k from them. Just a tip, look things up before you make accusation, otherwise you'll sound like an ass.

and maybe you are a debt collector? You sure do cut Reed a lot of slack. So many folks have posted how thats no excuse and you still want to put your 2 cents in about how thats not any problem.

My comment was for Elmer, not the guy before me. Still not sure how this thing works.

Of course it isn't a problem - it is legal and businesses pay for his services.

It isn't like he is killing unborn babies or something serious

"So many folks have posted how thats no excuse" the only posting that will count is that done on November 2nd.

Zeller's campaign has really be on top of posting debates. They're streaming all future debates live on their website and have uploaded the debates onto YouTube within a day of each debate. Very transparent and something we should all applaud. Here are links:

Bath Debate -

Olean Debate -

Zeller's facebook page has the rest of the links to each part -

From someone who is not very up on how to find these, thank you. I'm very interested in learning more but I don't know much about the internet.

Well, I've been checking these out and it's sure been an eyeopener. All I have to say is that Tom Reed just talks and talks and talks and I still don't know what he stands for. Matt Zeller answers every question with all kinds of information that make sense. He also corrects Tom Reed about things that Tom Reed should have gotten right and didn't. If you don't believe me, you can find it out for yourself if you are not already too stubborn and set in your ways to find out. Just watch.


You say this about Tom Reed "It isn't like he is killing unborn babies." Tom Reed does support abortion under certain circumstances and embryonic stem cell research, so in essence, that statement is incorrect. Tom Reed is not a true pro-life candidate.

Understood - but abortion laws are not likely to change for the next several decades no matter who is elected.