Debate Videos

In case you missed it in the comments, the Zeller campaign is posting the full videos of all the debates on their YouTube channel. That's a great public service and they deserve respect and appreciation from all sides for doing it.


Lot of work for not a lot of views. I'm saddened by how little action most campaign youtube accounts get.

Unfortunately true. I have to credit the Zeller campaign with leveraging the cheap/free communication vehicles available on the Internet (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) but right now old-fashioned, expensive campaigning is still more effective.

Thank you Rottenchester for being fair minded in sending these on. Very important that folks know the candidates and the issues. Sadly, you and David Ditch make a good point. People just need to care more about how they elect the officials who will represent them in our government, and everyone should be going to these debates or at least trying to see them on the internet. It is discouraging to know that the majority just don't care. No wonder our country is in trouble.

According to Real Clear Politics, the Republicans now appear to have enough seats locked up to take control of the house

They appear to also have a majority of governors and the senate is still in play