Janice Volk's campaign people are pointing out that Janice Volk will attend the Bath candidate forum on October 12, and are characterizing this as a debate. I attended this event in 2006, and it's not a debate -- there's no back-and-forth between the candidates. It is a candidate Q&A, where each candidate takes audience questions that are pre-screened by the League of Women Voters.

Also courtesy of the comments, here's the Hornell Evening Trib's run-down of debates and candidate events.


Thanks, sir. Speaking of the Hornell "Tribune," which has come alive with its unprecedented attention to a local Congressional race: Check out today's site and its feature re: Volk. She is a spitfire. (Note the she "lambasts", well "observes") that Zeller's Afghanistan practice of distributing hand-made knit caps to the local kids ended up "endangering" them w/respect to Taliban identification. Thankfully SOMEONE has inserted some liveliness into this race.

Janice demonstrates almost everything why I won't vote for her: her usual anti-Reed screed, trashing Zeller's military record (can't argue on the issues with the guy, can you?), and calling Campini a quitter after he left the race. A truly mean-spirited woman, to be sure, and not the Carl Paladino "I'm mad as Hell and I want to change things" mean-spirited, either. She's a character assassin, and what she published in the Tribune makes me want to never vote for her. I might have considered voting for her had she appealed the petition challenges, but ever since her campaign has gone in the direction it's been going, I'm so glad I didn't have that opportunity to make that mistake. She is truly vile.

And I have to agree with you: Tyler Briggs and the Tribune have been all over this race. Kudos to them.

That should have been a reply to the next comment down by Anonymous. My bad.

Here is the link to the Hornell article on Volk!

"Democrats already appear resigned to losing at least six House seats.

They include four districts left open by retirements and where no advertising is planned: Tennessee's 6th, Louisiana's 3rd, New York's 29th and Kansas' 3rd. "


The way things are going, Volk may have just enough votes to allow the Dems to keep this seat. Even if she only gets 3,000 or 4,000, it could be enough to tip the scales in Zeller's favor.

Nah - this election is a slam dunk for Reed.

Of course i used to say that about Massa but who would have ever thought............. so unless Reed was in the navy and did some
strange things he will be the winner.

Who would have ever thought? Back when I was a reporter I reported on Massa's 2006 campaign. The man gave me such weird vibes I knew something wasn't right (though I didn't suspect the exact nature of his issues). Still, I wasn't surprised at what happened to him.

Agreed. Sad to say, but Tom Reed probably has already started to imagine how he'll decorate his office. I'll be amazed, but so impressed, if Volk manages to attract even more than 1000 people, district-wide, to go to the trouble of a write-in.

Janice has run a decent write-in campaign and I giver her credit for that. However, it will take a miracle for her to even be a spoiler - she'll probably get a few percent of the vote.

to Rational on a previous post

First of all you spelled my name wrong. Second I have explained how I am still up here a considerable amount of time. I still have property and business clients up here. I would like to see that business grow again so therefore I would like to see NY become more business friendly.

I actually like Matt Zeller and think in any other year he would be a good representative. Zeller or Volk may even be more conservative. The problem I saw was many so called conservative democrats get their arm twisted and voted for Obama policies. I saw many middle of the road or even liberal republicans vote against it. I want to see Obama defeated, I want to see Nancy Peleosi defeated. Sadly it has been proven we can not do that with good democrats. I think volk is ok but I can not see her do anything but spoil and I doubt even that.

Rottenchester has created a good blog that supports all people speaking out, even ones he disagress with. I appreciate and respect that, as long as he allows me to and as long as I have interests in NY I will. One thing I know is that I was commenting here before you came around and will probably be here after it no longer serves your purpose.

Good Luck, u need it.

tiberious, dont even bother - that dudes gone. Too bad, cause he had some really good points. more then most of the bloggers here

I have to admit, that you folks in the NY-29th are having the MOST fun in this year's election. However, I WILL state that you have to be EXTRA SHARP when you vote this year.

ONE of the reasons you need to be of clear vision is due to the fact you will be voting TWICE. Once, as part of the GENERAL ELECTION, once as part of the SPECIAL ELECTION for the congressional seat.

However, since you have the OPTION of a WRITE-IN, that makes YOUR election quite exciting. However, I haven't had an opportunity to hear Ms. Volk, or Mr. Reed on the stump. Mr. Zeller has given a speech at my group's meeting, and he did demonstrate an advanced talent for "Double Speak." There is not TOO much difference between the military and political dialects. Bottom line is that no matter how correct you are, you are still WRONG. Just like arguing with the IRS, eh?

I have noticed some comments regards some of the candidates, and it seems that you folks SHOULD be looking at the candidate in terms of WHICH ONE strikes you as being the one that will work FOR YOUR(the 29th's) INTEREST(S)?

In my case I live in an adjoining district, and there is very little news regards this contest. But, from the descriptions I have come across, imperfect as they are; Mr. Reed is a Radical Republican-----the faction that is operating what passes as the GOP. He is PRO-RICH, and BIG business at the expense of all others. Mr. Zeller, is a sharp operator, quite skilled in the vocal arts, but strikes me as NOT being TRULY interested in what affects the 29th and its citizens. That brings us to Ms. Volk.

I have not met Ms. Volk, on the campaign trail, nor have I read any reports of the comments other than those that have been mentioned above. Btaim, IF, Ms. Volk comes across as a hip-shootin', gun-totin' school marm, then maybe she is more in tune with REAL LIFE than are the other candidates. I am sure that IF you did some research, you might find that she has many of the same concerns as YOU and me.

Now, IF you think of your federal rep as being one to "bring home the bacon," then elect one of the major party aspirants. Guaranteed to keep "business as usual." Mr. Zeller continues the Nancy Pelosi House leadership role. Mr. Reed offers the traditional RR "dish" of taxing all else save the rich, or big business interests. If you are a pensioner on a fixed income, there is only so far you can tighten the belt before you suffocate.

Therefore, you have a third option; what are Ms. Volk's positions on the major issues? Do you like her positions? As a voter you should be asking YOURSELF whether the office seekers make sense, cents, OR SCENTS????? It IS the time of year for "Ms. Cologne" to search for denning accomodations.

Therefore, REGARDLESS that the 29th IS going to be on the chopping block, the VOTERS, and CITIZENS of this district NEED a rep that does the best job of presenting the district's interests.

Thus, vote, vote Wisely, BUT VOTE!!!!!


Uh....if you say so, RagingMountain.

"Thus, vote, vote Wisely, BUT VOTE!!!!"

I disagree - if you have no idea what a candidate stands for - stay home

Elmer JK: Yes, I DO advocate a WISE VOTE, but also a KNOWLEDGEABLE VOTE. That DOES include knowing SOME pertinent info that is sufficient for YOU to vote in favour of a specific candidate. THAT job falls to YOU, the voter.

Perhaps you could ALSO e-mail Rottenchester, and ask him to post both a list of public forums that the office seekers will be attending, and a COMPARATIVE LISTING of candidate pledges. I have reviewed the sites of the active acndidates, and so far, Ms. Volk has a declarative agenda: Mr. Zeller's pages have no such public stance. Mr. Reed has at least two social networking sites, but, neither presents a clear program of what he stands for. "Citizens For Reed" page does not function. This IS part of the voter doing one's HOMEWORK!!! Just as you did in school, you must do so now.

Another part is cutting through the PARTY "pudding" as to the slant on various issues. Just remember, folks, we have taken the better part of two decades to reach this point in AN economic cycle, it will take a LONG TIME to get out of the slump, as well. Do NOT forget that BOTH parties are responsible during this time span. And, BOTH ADOLPH, and FRANKLIN understood that the ONLY REMEDY for a DEPRESSION was a WAR!!! THAT is NOT an OPTION in today's world.

The Clinton's made a dedicated effort to ruin the BETTER health plans that existed in the early 1990s, in various regions of the USA. The Republicans failed to honour THEIR "CONTRACT WITH AMERICA" pledge, later in the decade. The point is, that NEITHER political party can claim a SAINT a a member of their group. The closest person to qualify would be Sir. Thomas More, Chancellor Of England, under Henry VIII. Died by the headsman's ax.

Now, as I have stated I don't live in the 29th. But I DO have fellow members of my club that ARE, and DO live in MY part of the state. I DO try to listen to THEIR comments, and what blurbs happen to come through my local news channels. Thus, my previous statements of NOT being an authority on this matter. But, I do enjoy the information about the election, and hope that you vote for the person that best represents the interests of the NY-29th.

As stated earlier, this year's elections are very important on MANY levels. It is important that the 29th be noticed enough to be RESPECTED by the butchers that will chop it up for 2012. A fact of life, folks.

What I DON'T like is the massive job that the vested interests have done to deflect public anger. One of the snow jobs is the major party runners are being encouraged to vocalize their opposition to party leaders. Hmm... That only goes so far(tolerated). Come 11-03-2010, the leadership expects "business as usual." The process of polluting, and subverting the frosh winners begins in earnest. Thus, the question, "WHO WILL speak for the NY-29th?"

But, Elmer, DO ask Rottenchester to publish a comparative stance / pledge document to help voters decide, eh?


HI, UpinPrattsburgh!!!!

What news of the wind farms? Have followed this issue for some time; have noted the delay the Power Authority is using to mask its intentions regards windtowers in Lakes Erie, and Ontraio. Many issues are inherent in both land and water locations, but for the water, Lake Ontraio is a public water supply, and transport artery. We don't need anymore polluting than we already have from the upper lakes. Besides, there aren't enough politicians to be blabbing constantly to make wind generation a profitable undertaking. As I understand, the PA will buy all power from the water-based towers at a PREMIUM RATE. That means TAX DOLLARS to overpay for electrical power. Not cost-effective in my book.

Regards Election----2010, DO do your homework, and VOTE WISELY.



I have RECEIVED your EMAIL and READ your COMMENTS but if you FOLLOW the LINK to the Hornell Evening Trib in this POST, you'll see that they've created a list of EVENTS that the candidates will attend.

Thank. You.
or should I say, THANK you!


Thanks for the info, DID check it out. Noted only two PUBLIC forums, the rest are slated for TV interviews, and possible college campus-based events. Usually, this last category is NOT truly open to "Mr. & Mrs. Main Street."

That said, the point is for the ELECTORATE to get to whichever PUBLIC forum is available, and possibly put a hard question to any, or all of the office seekers. If you like what is conveyed in the response, then make a mark on your scorecard in favour of that speaker.

With that issue completed, is it possible to get Messrs. Reed and Zeller to post a "Pledge Page," "White Paper," position document that declares what THEIR stance(NOT the party hogwash) is on various topics that effect the 29th??

Based upon previous statements regards the Marcellus Shale, Mr. Zeller, Ms. Volk, and Mr. Campini; all have chosen what would be considered a prudent, and proper choice of operational procedure. Only Mr. Reed has declared open support FOR the project; that meaning to progress forth with, immediately if not sooner dedication. Thus, SHOULD that advice have been followed, then we TOO, might enjoy underground polluted water tables, and be forced to truck in water for PUBLIC USAGE, ala Dimock Township, Susquehannah County, Pa.

Thanks again for the direction on the debates issue.