FEC Reports

Tom Reed passed the million dollar mark in total fundraising with his latest report, and he has almost $300K cash on hand. Reed raised $173K in the latest reporting period. Zeller raised $113K this period, and has $90K cash on hand.

Zeller's numbers are actually somewhat competitive this period, though his late start puts him far behind Reed in overall fundraising.


According to Federal Election Commission records, the US House Victory PAC, is an Alexandria, VA, PAC which only benefits the campaign of Tom Reed. It has supported no other candidate.
This PAC has taken in over $400,000 in contributions only from big business donors in the NYC Metropolitan area.
These donors are all connected to large hedge funds, banks, investment firms, and mortgage institutions.
Tom Reed is being bought and paid for by big business, the very people who got us into the current economic recession.

The sky is falling again ... show me the link or the documentation

A basic search of the FEC website got me the following:

US House Victory Committee Overview:


Treasurer Name: LISA LISKER
Committee Designation: J (JOINT FUND RAISER)
Committee Type: H (HOUSE)
Candidate State: NY (New York)


People who contributed to the committee:

Another overview of the committee:

oH MY, OH my.

Well Elmer? NOW what to you got to say, huh?

I've been holding out, reading all these many posts and thinking to myself that I just needed to be quiet. You know, so many folks have so very much to say about so many things they think they know so much about. And my conclusion is that things have gotten very interesting as more real hard facts are revealed. Looks to me like this Tom Reed fellow is a lot of smoke and mirrors and has a whole lot of stuff to bury that's just not gonna stay buried much longer.

If you click the links above and read through the latest quarterly report, they actually list contributions to six congressional candidates. Reed got a little over 12,000.

Looks like a NY Republican Party thing: all six candidates it supported are Republicans from New York:


Thanks anonymous for doing the research on this.

Next we will hear that Tom Reed kicks cats and scares senior citizens at the Corning Wegmans

or maybe he takes donations from space aliens

The sky is falling...............

Except that Reed also got 49444.46 from them in July. Just saying...

Yep that is true - I only looked at the latest report. So Reed got $60someK all together - A lot of lettuce! Still, it was portrayed in this and the other thread as some secret Reed PAC that he got half a million from. That clearly isn't the case.

As an aside, if you look at the amounts in the six reports, it looks like each of the six NY Republican candidates got roughly the same amount. (I didn't do the math but they all got like $47-53K in the first report and like $9-13K in the second).

Somehow I don't find the thought that all six have received an equal amount very comforting!

Is there something illegal about this? Am I missing something?

Only that Reed is being bought by the very corporations who have an interest in making money off the southerntier.

Corporations are formed to make money. Would you be happier if he was backed by companies who are in business to lose money? You must be a government worker.

Zeller gets money from unions, unfairly taking union dues from people who don't even support him - but that's the system.