Profiles and an Endorsement

The Corning Leader has profiles of Zeller and Reed in today's online edition. Reader Elmer was good enough to send the printed version (here, here and here [pdf]) which have more art and shows the kind of play the 29th race gets in the Corning paper.

And the Democrat and Chronicle predictably endorsed Reed. While they generally endorse Democrats, the D&C hasn't been able to endorse a Republican in the 29th District, and I don't think the reason has anything to do with editorial integrity or a careful evaluation of the candidates. The D&C is simply looking for editorial cover, and the 29th serves as the token district where they can say they endorsed a Republican in a competitive race whenever they're accused of being a "Democratic" paper.


The four congressional picks were the probable winners in those races. On one hand they aren't taking risks, but on the other hand they can talk up the 'importance' of the endorsement since they have a high win %. Or something. I fail to see how anyone with a lick of policy preference can pick Lee AND Slaughter, who are polar opposites, but... eh. Does anyone who reads the news really need the D&C to tell them how to vote?

One thing I do not miss about Rochester was the D&C fishwrapper. I stopped my subscription like many aothers years ago long before leaving rochester. It wasn't so much their bias towards democrats but there incompetence. When I was a very young man up there there was a paper called the Times Union. It was an evening paper and was generally known as a writers paper. Rochester could not suport two major newspapers and most people wanted their paper in the morning and then put their trash in it in their evening. With the D&C you could go right to trash then read it and still get the same story.

David Ditch has it perfect. Does anyone really need the D&C to tell them how to vote!

I don't think a newspaper tries to tell you who you should vote for - they give their opinion - oftentimes the result of a vote by an editorial board - with very few votes not being split - but it does give people something to think and talk about - and for better or worse still has a larger audience than anyone else in their market.

I found an Op-Ed released by Janice Volk that is dated today.



October 25, 2010

To the Voters of the 29th District:

For those of you who do not know much about me, my name is Janice Volk and I am from Cuba, NY. I am running as a “Write-In” candidate for the House of Representatives in the 29th District. Perhaps you haven’t heard of me because you’re busy raising your family and working at your job or trying to find a job. It’s possible you only pay attention to the candidates who have been anointed by the political machine who get the most press and the most money. Or maybe it’s just that many of us have simply voted for the “R” or the “D” due to party loyalty. All of these scenarios are also more understandable when it appears that your only choices are a medical collections lawyer who has broken many promises to his constituents and a 29 year-old who has less relevant life-experience than most of the average citizens in the 29th. But for many of you, it’s probable that politics in general have left a bad taste in your mouth. I know it has done so for me.

The disparity of honesty and common ground between the elected and their constituents is as old as the country itself, and it is a constant battle to maintain integrity in representation.

I’m writing to tell you that you really do have a choice in representation on November 2, 2010. For far too long our state and federal officials have been made up of elitists who will say and do anything to gain and retain power. They will go back on their word (raising taxes), they will compromise on core values (supporting embryonic stem-cell research), they will suggest grandiose experiments that often require abandonment of free-market principles (creating a “green” world), they will take money from corporate giants (generating unholy alliances), and they will claim to be against a war yet promote nation-building (staying in Iraq). It is tremendously frustrating that today’s candidates for office reiterate a memorized mantra of political talking points without thoughtfully and deliberately addressing each issue that faces our district and our country.

If you want someone who is just like you; a person who means what they say and says what they mean, a person whose principles are written in stone who will not flip-flop on issues, a person who does not talk down to you and will always tell you the truth, I am that person. I AM YOU - an average worker, parent and grandparent who wants to represent you in a way that defies the critics, confounds the parties, and will bring hope back into a political system that has been corrupted by money, power, and deceit. I will make the decisions that will help lift up the Constitution and our American values in a way that allows you to live, work, and prosper in a freer, revitalized country.

I have been traveling, speaking, and working diligently these past few months to make sure that the people of the 29th are truly aware that they are not stuck between a rock and a hard place. The people need a choice. Our election system is complicated and over-wrought with oppressive regulations, the party committees have gained too much self-appointed authority, and a majority of the media has been swayed to dismiss the “citizen-candidates.” This has to change, and a vote for me can restore our Republic into the representative Democracy that our Founders intended.

It’s very simple to vote for a “Write-In” Candidate. On November 2, 2010, simply go to the bottom of the ballot, where you will read “WRITE IN.” Then write “Janice Volk” under the two (2) 29th House of Representative columns (11 and 12). I ask you to vote your conscience without pressure and with Faith. Send me, Janice Volk, to Washington. For more information, please visit my website:

“Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power.” ~James Madison

Most Sincerely,

Janice A. Volk

The D&C is predictably liberal, but they are sly about it. They endorse Republicans when they know their endorsement won't matter either way, so for example they typically endorse a Republican or two for the state assembly since they know a Republican there won't make any difference. Similarly they'll endorse someone like Reed when they know he's got the election in the bag.

Their true colors show when there is a contested election, or one that really matters. Then, 100 percent of the time, like clockwork, they'll always endorse the liberal Democrat.

Elmer, thanks again for sending (and Rottenchester, for publishing it) the PDFs from "The Leader." It really drives home the play they're giving to the race. Keep us posted as to who they endorse? I see that, in this edition, there's a teaser reference to an inside endorsement of Republican Tom O'Mara for State Senate (no surprise).

Here's the Buffalo News' endorsement of long-time 29th District resident Matt Zeller:

Zeller also has the endorsement of the SEIU.

I am glad to be seeing some helpful links on this page. Thank you.

Take a read at this blog:

She says it best on why Janice Volk is the best choice for NY-29!

Click here to see where Janice Volk stands on the issues:

So she opposes any reforms to reduce the cost of Socialist Security. Good to know when my SS check bounces by the time I'm old enough to collect it.

Since nothing interesting is going on with vanilla candidates, did any watch the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear"? If so, what did you think of it? I thought it was pretty good and not politically charged like the hosts respective TV shows.

Have the Elmira "Gazette" or Corning "Leader" endorsed for Congress?

Messenger Post has endorsed Reed

Leader has endorsed Reed also

No sure about Elmira

Leader's endorsement:

THE ISSUE | The 29th Congressional District.
OUR OPINION | Republican Tom Reed’s business
experience and conservative agenda earns him
The Leader’s endorsement.

If one thing is certain this election season,
it’s that the economy is weighing most
heavily on the minds of voters.
And candidates for all offices – local, state and
federal – have pledged to help by spending and
taxing less and nurturing business growth.
So the question to voters on Tuesday is: Who
will be able to do what they say?
In the 29th Congressional race, we feel
Republican Tom Reed is the best candidate to
help put the economy – locally and nationally –
back on track.
We are relying on Reed’s business background
and his consistent message of fiscal conservatism
in supporting the former Corning mayor
over Democrat Matt Zeller.
Reed, 38, has a successful law practice and
deals with the challenges facing a small business
on a daily basis. Some of those challenges are
the direct result of Washington policies – taxes,
health care costs, mandates and red tape – that
Reed has said he will focus on if elected.
Throughout his 16-month campaign, Reed has
preached fiscal conservatism, his concerns about
overspending and mounting debt. Drawing on
his experience as a small businessman and a
family man, Reed has emphasized the need for
Washington to live within its means and begin
budgeted from the expense side of the ledger.
Reed has also been critical of the health care
reform plan saying it does not address the chief
problem: escalating costs. He’s also railed against
the bailout plans, saying no business is too big
to fail. Those views accurately reflect those of a
majority of residents in the district.
There is some warranted skepticism about
He has only slightly more experience in public
office than Zeller, who has none. Reed served
one term as a ceremonial mayor and twice voted
to raise taxes, although they were used to cover
mandated costs.
Reed further exposed himself to criticism by
requesting $5 million in stimulus money in
early 2009 for the city and then calling the stimulus
program “a slush fund” months later as a
congressional candidate.
He was also knocked for accepting a state
grant in May to rehabilitate newly purchased
property in Bath and casting the lone dissenting
vote in a city plan to purchase new buses with
stimulus money.
Reed explained he soured on the stimulus program
after its initial scope drifted from from the
“shovel-ready” projects it was intended to bolster.
Many have since agreed with that view and
point to the rising debt as proof.
As for Zeller, 28, his decision to join the Army
Reserves after college and shortly after 9/11
demonstrates his loyalty to country. By all
accounts, his tour as a captain in Afghanistan
and as CIA intelligence officer was impressive
and reflected his capabilities and bravery.
However, many of his adult experiences are
tied to the military, not to government or the
private sector.
Zeller entered the race six months ago after
U.S. Rep. Eric Massa resigned amid allegations of
sexual misconduct. Since then, he’s been a quick
study and performed very well in the debates.
But Reed has a more diverse track record and
is a better known commodity. The conservative
economic agenda Reed subscribes to sounds like
a better answer right now.

Pretty back handed endorsement don't you think--I mean endorsing Reed and then listing his big negatives (raising taxes, flip flopping on stimulus $ and taking stimulus $$ for his own personal gain) seems a little like they didn't really want to endorse him.. and that coming on the heels of the Bob Rolfe endorsement. Seems a bit strange to me. Also in today's political climate Not having political experience is a plus- Zeller is the man who will get my vote

When you are not a party hack you are not afraid to mention the weaknesses of someone you back. Bob Rolfe is a rabid liberal and his personal view has nothing to do with the Leader's editorial stance.

BTW - The Leader has picked the winning candidate for at least the last 3 congressional races:

2004 - Kuhl over Barend
2006 - Kuhl over Massa
2008 - Massa over Kuhl

and probably many more as I am sure they would have backed Amo Houghton 9 times though I have no evidence of that.

Thanks, Elmer!

You are welcome - btw - doesn't seem that Hornell has endorsed anyone - or at least I haven't seen it

Thanks, Elmer.

You are welcome too!