Stealth Reed Ads?

A couple of commenters say that they've seen Reed ads on TV that are anti-Pelosi, negative ads. If you're watching and see one, see if Reed says he approves the ad. If he doesn't the ads are from a third party, not the Reed campaign. Either way, I'd appreciate anyone who posts about seeing an ad, because it's interesting news if Reed is spending money on ads that he doesn't want to post on YouTube. Update: Here it is:


It is posted on the home page of his website and on youtube. Majorly I see this ad ran as opposed to his other ads, It makes sense to fire on Pelosi and Obama when his opponent is largely unknown.

Janice Volk got invited to debate Reed & Zeller! Below is the link to the article on it.

Not sure if this is actually going to be a debate

wow, I just saw an ad on youtube that just about sums up everything you need to know about Tom Reed