Zeller Candidate Time

Here's Matt Zeller's candidate free time on WXXI in Rochester:


OK, no one has commented on Mr. Zeller's statement yet. IMO, Zeller should be admired for his college try to get into the big leagues. I think he sees the writing on the wall and knows that he will not win this seat. Unfortunately, the seat is going to Tom Reed. I concur with a commenter from an earlier post that referred to Reed as "One Term Reed".

This is true on many levels. First, Reed's only concern seems to be big business. Second, he is a debt collector. He is killing and riding the backs of our poorest people.

Reed claims to be catholic. He is disgrace based on the Church's values.

I won't vote Reed. That's for sure.

I'm afraid that Tom Reed will make us all long for the "glory days" of Randy Kuhl. (Gag)

Hey guys! Why are you so ready to give in to Reed being elected? Just because the brainless idiots in your little corner of the world can only vote the party and not the man? Don't you think there just might be more of us who listen to and vote with our brains? If your so sure the 29th really wants a representative who's "only concern seems to be big business, is a debt collector, is killing and riding the backs of our poorest people", then you have a few screws loose, I'd say.

did you even read the prior two comments? Also, didn't you used to post under the name "Rational Thinker"?

Silent Sam, you are right on. I'm one of those voters who is listening, reading about and weighing what the candidates say and stand for both in their words and in their lifestyle. Based on how things are so far, Matt Zeller is head and shoulders over Reed. Janice Volk seems like a nice lady, but I don't think she would have any idea of what she would do if she actually made it to Washington. Matt Zeller is really, really bright, full of fire and on top of the issues. I wasn't at the Bath debate, but have watched then whole thing on video. I did listen in on the AARP debate and Reed was an embarassment. And now he's trying to make excuses for his terrible performance. I also really admire Zeller for his service to our country and for his youth. Reed only talks about his father's service. All he seems concerned with is getting himself richer.

Hey Sam way to go - if you can't give a good reason to get your candidate elected you call people who vote for the other candidate "brainless idiots".

And in case you didn't actually understand this, people are expected to pay for bills they have run up - and when they don't, they are approached by a debt collector.

"people are expected to pay for bills they have run up - and when they don't, they are approached by a debt collector."

That makes perfect sense if we're talking about a big screen tv, if makes a little less when we're talking about life and death care that's more expensive than most people's mortgages. Being a debt collector will never get you a comparison with Mother Theresa, but I think it takes a special kind of lowlife to profit on the misfortunes of others.

So let me get this straight? We should all pay for our televisions but not our health care? Everyone who runs up health care bill is misfortunate? Nice try. And if you want your leaders to be like Mother Teresa join the convent.

Hospitals are able to service people through money. Id rather a debt collector than a tax collector

ElmerJK, there are a whole lot of folks who can't afford medical insurance for a lot of reasons. There's a huge difference between making the choice to buy a TV set (optional) with having to pay for health emergencies (life-threatening) when everything is so inflated (hospitals, lab work, doctors, ambulance) because of the current health system's outrageous prices. A friend of mine had an appendix nearly burst...should she have just said "I guess I won't go to the hospital because I can't afford it"? Your argument is full of holes and it's obvious you are not in the position to ever have to make that decision.

Sigh...My heart's with Zeller and Volk. But rationally, I'm preparing for "One Term Tom" and very little if any independent thinking.

upinprattsburgh, you sound like you've given up! What a shame. There's still plenty of time before November 3 to make a difference. Matt Zeller certainly hasn't given up. So many folks I've talked to are just starting to pay attention to the candidates. If you really don't want to see Tom Reed just taking up space in Congress, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


Most, if not all first time Congress people elect know what to do when first elected. Those that are elected to Congress go through an intense training session on policies or prodcedures. Janice Volk would catch on fast, just like she has in her past positions. Ultimately, Janice would listen to the people and support and create legislation that reflect the people's voice. Your comment is rediculous and unfounded.

So Conservative. Annie made a really good point. If everyone thinks Reed is a shoe-in and don't want that to happen, get out and make a difference. It could be Zeller, it could be Volk, but don't let Reed win because people are ignorant or just don't care.

Are you saying that Janice is the only one who can catch on fast? That she is the only one listening to the people? I think your wrong about that.

I'd say your the one whose comment is rediculous and unfounded.

Rediculous? yes misspelled and transcribed. In any event, Silent Sam, just stop. We know you are "Rational Thinker" and a die-hard Zeller supporter, perhaps someone who either works or volunteers for his campaign. Based on your posts I'm going to start posting as "Not Zeller's Mom".

Neither Silent Sam nor Rational Thinker are my mother. My mother has honored my request not to post on these blogs since coming to my defense a few months ago -- as any mother would when reading the completely unacceptable stuff many on these forums have written at my expense. My mom has a DMA from Eastman, an ABD in Geology from the University of Kansas, and was raised by my grandmother who had a Masters in English from Columbia -- i.e. my mother knows how to spell and use correct grammar. If you're going to take pathetic pot shots at me, please leave my mother out of it. She isn't running for office. I am.

And for the record, neither I nor my campaign have a clue as to who Silent Sam or Rational Thinker are...just thought I'd get that out of the way now...alright I'm off to win this thing.

I was using my Iphone when I posted. I would put my education up against yours in a heart beat...double master degrees? Jan is the best choice...Matt isn't bad, again I still have not made up my mind. I just know that the best choice for NY-29 is not Tom Reed.