A Good Day for Reed

The Corning Leader reports that Tom Reed will be discharged from the hospital and sworn in today.


Finally, we have congressman.

This is a sad statement when it is fact bound. I had no problem with the truth coming out about Mr. Massa, but when it rose to the level of him being forced out of office because his own party suddenly feared him, that was a travesty as big as the people of the district not having a rep. I think it will have damaged the democrats in the district for a long time. Republicans running every time will remind them that the democrats forced no representation over one that disagreed with them. I as well admired Mr Zeller and Ms Volk, to win in the future either one of them will have to be someone who does not march in lock step with the pelosi ideology wing of the party. Democrats need to get used to the fact that at best this was a centrist district and area we are not NYC. The democrats in the 25th already proved that by ejecting Mr. Maffei. His 6-1 spending did not carry him to victory.

It's only been 255 days. Frustrating!

See posting by the Steuben County Young Republicans on the text of his speech after being swore in: http://www.steubenyr.org/2010/11/tom-reed-sworn-in/

Wow, he actually used the first person pronoun rather than the royal "We". Good speech writer. Hopefully, Reed will add diet and exercise to his routine so that he doesn't end up with a cardiac problem in the future.

Reed's official congressional site is up:


His site is as bland as he is. I actually appreciate function over form so I hope the quality of his work content is high.

Merry Christmas

It is a shame that someone can honestly make the statement

>>Finally, we have congressman.

This whole process of denying the 29th a rep in congress was one of the worst things I have ever seen in politics. Gov Dave and anyone else who had a part should hang their head in shame and retire for good. For the record I did not think that Massa was so bad he could not have finished out the term and even ran for re-election (although he would have probably been hammered worse). Look at Charlie Rangle, all they did was point their finger at him as say "Bad Man" Charlie will be around until 2012 when he finally retires with a big party.

Hornell mayor Shawn Hogan says if Zeller doesn't go back to DC, he'll run again in 2012

Interesting, and ridiculous, quote:
"He actually ran better in the southern tier counties and gave Reed more of a run in the southern tier counties than Massa ever did."
That's not true in the least. Yes, Zeller may have won Corning, Hornell and a few districts in Bath, but he lost every county. Massa at least won Cattaraugus and Chemung the last time around. Zeller couldn't do that. The only county that you could really make much of a case for a closer race was Steuben, and that was probably thanks to the Hornell media giving time to sore loser Janice Volk.

None of you have admitted that Reed did not win on his own merits, but only because there was a general, nation-wide Republican party throw-over of the so-called status quo. The Republicans (and I am one) got a huge influx of corporate dollars to fund their campaigns - Reed certainly was one, from gas companies and job out-sourcing corporations. He had the dollars and the time...Zeller had 5 months, no money from his party or corporations (and took nothing for himself during the entire campaign, living off his credit cards for all his travel expenses far more than Reed put on his car) and now has to deal with that debt himself . Give him credit - he still managed to garner more than
76,000 votes on basically one month of hard campaigning - most of it in the southern tier. He only had one week to campaign in Monroe County. Given that the media basically ignored him until that last week (and he couldn't run a second ad, like Reed could with all his monied contributors), it is AMAZING that he did as well as he did. AND, the registered Democratic voters didn't even bother to vote, because they believed the media that the Republicans would sweep, so they stayed home instead. Imagine if they had bothered.....

I remind you that just 2 years ago, the public was disgusted with Bush, the Republicans and company i.e. the shoe was on the other foot.

It all comes down to fickle, short-memory voters, nothing more. In two years time, the pendulum may very well swing the other way.

Zeller did an incredible job!! Tom will have a(nother) fight on his hands, should Zeller choose to run in a couple of years. It was a great campaign, to this observor.

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