Obligatory Anecdotes

I got a call from the Zeller campaign around noon today asking me if I was going to vote. I've gotten a few calls from Democrats this year, so the Democratic GOTV operation is working.

I voted around 6:30 in Pittsford and the poll workers said that they'd been pretty busy all day. They estimated that turnout was already 50%. That's good news for Zeller - he needs to obliterate Reed in Monroe County to have a chance to win this race.


Keep those anecdotes coming! We love 'em!

Not a total drubbing in the end. I don't see where Zeller could do any more for a young guy with no experience, no organization, no money, etc. So, good for him.

And of course, good for my guy :)

Yeah, as I told Elmer in the other thread, Sam Barend only polled 40% in 2004, the last time this was an open seat.