Reed Campaign Denies Robo Calling

Here's the response to the robo-call story from Tim Kolpien of the Reed campaign:

This allegation is ridiculous - We are not even doing any robo calls – not a single one. Not even for Tom. Certainly not for Matt.


To all you LUCKY voters in the NY-29th:

Yes, DO VOTE TWICE, tomorrow.

However, you folks DO have a distinction --- of sorts. You DO have the opportunity to vote for a candidate that COULD offer meaningful insight regards medical legislation.

This candidate also has REAL WORLD experience for small business, and understanding the impact of the Obama medical insurance requirements UPON a small enterprise.

Finally, your choice ALSO includes consideration of the Marcellus Shale Project. Messrs. Zeller, and Campini; + Ms. Volk., have stated that the "science" must dictate HOW the treasure of the Marcellus MIGHT be extracted WITHOUT the catastrophic results of Dimock Township in Pennsylvania. As I understand it Mr. Reed HAS changed his public stance. His former "Full steam ahead, DAMN the torpedoes" approach would have resulted in the same fate as Dimock, Pa. That would have resulted in loss of underground water supplies, the Finger Lakes, the Finger Lakes wineries, FARMING; and water-dependent industry would leave as the cost of trying to recover tainted water for their usage would be cost-PROHIBITIVE. That would mean MORE UNemployment.

Since then, he has adopted the majority stance.

HOWEVER, we must CONSIDER that IF ELECTED, Mr. Reed COULD VERY EASILY have a "relapse." That is: HE WILL SUPPORT and ADVANCE the interests of the RADICAL REPUBLICANS that place MONEY, POWER, and MANIPULATION of TAX laws above ALL ELSE, save for a $trong militray. Why? Traditional GOP theology is attached to the Radical Republican attitude of favouring the rich, super rich, and seeking all sorts of exemptions for this class FROM tax obligations(remember Leona Helmsley ---- "Only the LITTLE PEOPLE pay taxes?", and their guard force, the military.

Although I have very little infor on Ms. Volk, I DO favour her candidacy due strictly beacuse of her REAL WORLD living. We NEED that kind of person in Congress. One that would put the NATION ahead of personal advancement. But, DO take the time to read Ms. Volk's "Conservative Pledge" section. Messrs. Zeller and Reed do NOT have such a declaration. Do you REALLY think these major party apsirants do NOT have an agenda that does NOT INCLUDE benefiting the nresidents of the NY-29th?

Granted, the 29th is slated for extinction(retirement?). But, that doesn't mean that in the new district(s?) that the same candidates might not appear on the new ballot(s), eh?

Therefore, I DO URGE that Ms. Volk be researched out, and that her stance be contrasted against Messrs. Zeller, and Reed. If you like what you see, then give her the nod at the polls(remember, vote TWICE).

This election is the most important MID-TERM contest, ever. This election will decide whether the COUNTRY has lost its soul. Yes, there is so much attached to this election, it ALMOST supercedes the anticipated 2012 presidential vote.

Thus, DO VOTE, VOTE TWICE(yes, you're allowed THIS TIME!!), vote WISELY, but VOTE.


Where was all this energy on the Volk side, like, early in the year when she could have gotten on the primary ballot? You do realize you're a joke at this point, right? Any chance Janice ever had of moving on to any effect in coming years is lost with rants like this from her camp.

"This election is the most important MID-TERM contest, ever" - Like I've never heard that before -


Yes, BUT, YOU are erudite enough to be AWARE of that quality. SOME of the people I have talked with and listened to, do NOT SEEM to have come to that deduction.

"In Case You Missed It," A title I have used from a former Congressman's e-letter to voters, NO candidate has really alluded to this facet of the election outcome.

The major questions before the NEW CONGRESS, AND the "Prez," are these:

#1: The ECONOMY ---->> as it translates into JOBS. Let's face it, ANY report on improved(??) economic status is HOGWASH, HHHHOOOOGGGGWWWAAASSSHHH, I say. The old Industrial Revolution style doesn't work anymore. Yet, there is NO large country(or First World one) that can AFFORD to play the "specialty" manufacturing game. Manufacturing IS the SOURCE OF WEALTH FOR the Middle Class. Ruin the Middle Class, and you ruin the USA, and DEMOCRACY as WE know, it, and French variety as well.

HISTORY has shown that MIGHTY ROME would NOT have been as important IF, it didn't have its FREE MEN in its society. Once Rome imported SLAVES, and its govenance went to IMPERIALIST, the FREE Men BECAME salves. Thier only valuse was in the labour they could provide, as modified by the SKILL LEVEL acquired in life's transactions.

The CURRENT state of USA life is remarkably SIMILAR to the LATE WESTERN Roman Empire. Pānem et Circēnsēs, for the welfare and those unemployed, an economy that is IN disarray, and politicians that keep telling us that things are looking better; when in fact they are either at low point, or merely a small advancement from that station, due primarily TO REPLACEMENTS, NOT CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION. There is NO MONEY for CONSUMERS TO SPEND!!!! Whatever cash has been earned is ALREADY spoken for by past bills, or pre-dedicated use(s). To rub salt into this gaping wound are the various ULTILITIES, and CREDIT CARD ISSUERS, et al, are simply raising rates; while CONSUMERS have NO excess money to cover additional expenses ---- NOT without some COMPENSATORY ACTIONS, i.e. charity contributions(?), etc.

The question comes down to HOW do we have an EMPLOYED citizenry, and MAINTAIN our military power, plus right our economy and financial house?

#2: Medical: As the median age in the country RISES, more demand for medical technicians is made. In MY unscientific opinion, for any, and all career fields, the ratio if 95-5% applies. In this case, 95% of the populous is UNSUITED to become medical technicians. That means only 5% are resonably capable. of THAT percentage, 95% are of poor to medium -high quality of performance. That translates to 4.5% out of 5% are useful, but mediocre in positive results. I chalk-off this to many that become a tech, but ONLY because it IS a job. NOT beacuse they have talent, but only for the paycheck. That leaves 1/2 of 1% that are the "Creme, de la creme." These ARE the people that we, the paitents / consumers / users WANT to be our health care aides. We just can't work them 24-7.

Is this the first step towards SOCILIZED MEDICINE. However, I DO SAY that a co-operative payment structure is the most acceptable, in order to have the special interests at baym, then we MUST elect more people that do NOT WANT to have the "Obama Care" package forced down our throats. Remember, we would be FINED for NOT purchasing one of the "approved(??)" Obama-FOISTED(per DEMOCRAT PARTY) plans.

If you wish, you could research FOREIGN socialized medical plans, and see that even THESE have room for a more privatized sysytem, and national governments are more disposed to private dispensers as it helps check medical costs. France, Italy, and Britain are examples of a DECLINING NATIVE population that is rushing toward RETIREMENT, and their version of SOCIAL SECURITY. Read about the recent riots in France, and take note.

Thus, in my statement, it is NOT MADE with a cavalier tone attached. The PLURALITY of NUMBERS will indicate what the "Prez." will do, and what CONGRESS(collectively) will do. The more NON-DEMOCRATS, the more in the way of a BROKERED result, and special interests held to either present plateauxs or, less powerful, or imposing positions of influence. This present plan of mush puts too much in favour of special interests, and make the consumers / voters too shackled by restrictions, and other "weasel wording."

So YES, Elmer, this election IS contest of this stature, EVER. Do we DEPART from The Founders' visiion of our country? Or, do we become ANOTHER FOLLOWER nation that goes along with the rest of world, and don't make any waves; just existing under the UN Charter. Our military DEAD did NOT lose their lives for US to be led around by the nose. Thus, I state, are we AMERICANS, FIRST, or SHEEP?? Your choice, YOUR VOTE.



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Do write, but write wisely and intelligently.