Vote Twice

The one thing that everyone has to remember is that you need to vote twice in tomorrow's election.

One vote is for the special election to serve out the rest of Eric Massa's term. The other is for the general election to serve the next two years in Congress.

Update: Reader Elmer sends this morning's Corning Leader front page [pdf], which makes this really, really clear.


Surveying Bloomfield, the vast majority of the probable voters I'm talking to know about it. Reed and the GOP are pouring a lot of resources into it, and Zeller is calling too. Plus I think it's pretty straightforward on the ballot. I doubt the undercount will be above 10%.

Regardless of who you support, make sure your friends and family know! Let's get that undercount down as far as possible and know what the true will of the voters is.

i heard today that the new voting machines will reject the ballot if you under vote-while that is a good thing for people to make sure they vote twice it may slow things down at the polls

Hmm, hope that it's clear to everyone that you have a right not to vote for individual candidates on the ballot. (Not recommending it, just noting it).

I think it just gives you the chance to review your ballot-it doesn't require you to vote -just lets you know