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Another Republican in the Race

Reader Joe sends news that Janice Volk, a resident of Cuba, will be Tom Reed's second primary challenger this year. Janice's website doesn't have much information at the moment, but it says that there's more to come.

Tell It To The Judge

The Corning Leader reports that the fate of the 29th special election is now in the hands of a federal judge.

Massa Esquire Profile

I'd be remiss if I didn't post a link to this Esquire profile of Eric Massa. It's full of equal parts sadness and crazy talk, and unfortunately it looks like Massa is thinking about writing a book about his whole experience.

My take is that nobody will be interested in a book full of fanciful conspiracy theories and implausible denials. If Massa decides to be honest about his personal struggle, perhaps that book will attract some readers.

More on the Special

The Corning Leader's story on the special election includes some quotes from Democratic chairs who believe that the Governor can't schedule the special after July 1. Angelo Campini, the Republican challenger, also threatens a lawsuit.

Charlie Foxtrot

Now the Elections Board is wondering if Paterson's election is legal.


David Paterson's decision to call a special election has everyone confused. Jimmy Vielkind at the Times-Union has a good rundown of the possible election scenarios, and the Corning Leader has reaction from Southern Tier politicians.

Nobody knows if there will be two lines for Congress in November's election, but it sounds like that might happen. Then, the winner of one line would serve for a couple of months, and the winner of the other would serve for the next term.

What a mess.

Update: Sean Carroll has a good rundown of some questions and answers.

No Special

The Reed campaign just issued a press release decrying Governor Paterson's decision to call a special election on November 2, which is the general election day, so I assume that means that we won't have a special election in the 29th.

Immigration and Elections

Reader Up in Prattsburgh points out that Tom Reed is fine with Arizona's immigration law. I don't know why Republican candidates think they need to have a hard-line immigration position. It's clear that the only constituents who are seriously interested in immigration, farmers, want more lenient guest worker programs, and have little interest in what Arizona is doing, unless it impacts their ability to hire migrant workers.

In other news, Sean Carroll talks to the former head of the Monroe County Bar Association, who says that the lawsuit attempting to force a special election will probably be thrown out.

Lawsuit Filed

Sean Carroll reports that the lawsuit aiming to force Governor Paterson to call a special election has been filed.