Earmark Watch

In today's Hornell Evening Tribune, Randy Kuhl explains how Republicans forced the Democrats to compromise on earmarks. According to Kuhl, Democrats were trying to "sneak through" earmarks and the Republicans stopped them.

Since earmarks are now being disclosed, I've added a new page, Earmark Watch, where I'll attempt to track all of Kuhl's earmarks. I've also added a new category, Earmarks, which I'll use to tag stories about earmarks.

This all assumes that I'll be able to track down the damn things. As per usual, the committees are making this as hard as possible, releasing the earmarks as non-searchable image pdfs [warning: huge pdf]. This tactic, which was also used by the New York legislature, means that I have to paw through supplemental committee reports line-by-line to find Kuhl's earmarks. I assume that some public interest watchdog will create an earmark database. Until then, consider the earmark page a "best effort" rather than an authoritative source.


The Earmark Watch can be extremely important as the race heats up. I keep thinking about how technology has helped us become more informed about what their representatives really do in Washington (or Albany--or even City Hall!) I love it when someone says, "I never said that." then Tim Russert rolls the video tape. Thanks for your part in this whole adventure called Democracy.

I agree that more transparency is a good thing.

The release of earmarks might actually help Kuhl if they are all like the first one I posted, which was a grant to help revitalize the water system in Southeast Monroe County.

I hope Randy isn't seriously going to campaign on basis of 'shame shame shame' on Demos for employing earmarks. For Lord's sake, HE has made earmarks integral to his legislative career---right down to having the athletic field at Keuka College (in Branchport/Penn Yan) named after HIMSELF in thanks for his conveying state pork funding! P.S. I love this site. Thank you for the work and time you invest in it. This is going to be some race---again.

I'm sorry, Am I missing something? Would you people prefer the money to go to California, or Florida, or New York City (where Massa's donors mostly reside)? The money is going to be spent somewhere. If Kuhl doesn't ask for the funds, they just go somewhere else.

Erik, that kind of logic is pretty hard to argue with. Earmarks need to be shut down across the board.